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Blessings to Everyone.  And if you have been following this blog for a while, you know one of my favorite things to say is that I cannot keep up!!  And that continues to be the case, in a good way of course.  

Please pray for me and our team this summer.  I just cannot contain the JOY I have knowing that HE trusts us with so many lives.  We are literally going to touch thousands this summer!!!!  

First, in June we have a team of 21 members coming from Texas....everything is bigger in Texas and they are proving it.  They will be touching lives ALL over El Salvador.  This will be our largest team to date, outside of Hand of Hope.  

And speaking of Hand of Hope, they have asked to come to El Sal the end of July as they had to cancel another trip.  I was hesitant to say yes, as there is SO MUCH planning that has to go into these outreaches. But when I think of all the blessings this medical team will bring to the people of El Sal who are hurting for medicines, I could not say no.  So that is another HUGE blessing.

And again this year, during the month of Ramadan, we will be distributing food baskets on behalf of the organization Zakat.  They had contacted us last year to bless the people of El Sal and were happy with the outreach and so have asked to return.  That will happen in the middle of July, as it has to happen in the month of Ramadan.  Once again amazed that HE is using this Muslim group to connect with us to bless families.  WOW!!!  

AND then in August, we have three pastors coming to give three days of

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Well, as usual, the Lord is doing amazing things and I just can't keep up with Him!!!! I don't even know where to begin!!!

The Hope Center continues to be a refuge for children in a gang area. We are trying to figure out a way to be able to take
more children into the Center. We are maxed out right now. One story in particular stands out to me. We had a mother show up at the door with her four year old son, asking us to take him into the program. We told her we did not have sufficient room nor volunteers to take on any more children at this time. She began pleading, telling that her 12 year old son had been recruited into the gang and that she did not want the same for her other son. PLEASE help us pray about what the Lord wants us to do.  We will either have to take on a reconstruction of the current building or move to another location. There are not many places available in this area and we do not want to move too far away or we will lose the children we currently have in the Center.  Prayers are appreciated!!!

We have had several teams here since I last posted and God has done some amazing things. We have seen salvations, lives and families restored, a man get up out of a wheelchair and walk after more than ten years being in the chair. God is just moving in all areas in El Salvador. CPR church continues to grow and reach out to people in some very stressed neighborhoods. We have had baptisms, overnight services, you name it! God continues to bless that place and we are beginning to think about a bigger place as we KNOW He will

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YOU are helping us to touch lives all over El Salvador.  Whether we are reaching women, children, men, grandparents or whole families, YOU are making the difference.  Thank You!!

As we continue to be amazed by the success of the Hope Center, we continue to try and figure out how to accomodate the needs.  We currently have about 60 children in the programs.  But we have 180 on the waiting list!!!  Something good is happening there for that many children to want to join us.  Please pray as we consider options as to expansion, moving, etc.  Please pray for us to have wisdom and for us to do only as HE directs.  Please pray for any finances that we may need in order to reach more children.  

CPR church is still growing and reaching families.  We have added a Sunday service and it is well attended by families.  One Sunday we had almost as many children as adults!!  Praise the Lord for that!  As we come to the end of a year, we will be recognizing volunteers in the church and thanking them for their dedication and service.  We also have printed tithe envelopes and several are giving regular tithes.  This is a testimony of their spiritual growth and we are so encouraged to see Him continue to send amazing people to us to reach.  We have had medical campaigns there and our church members have been amazing in working in the ministry area of the campaign.  They are very active in reaching out to the local community and we will be giving out food and the Word in the next week...all to reach those who are hurting.

We have been much more involved with Exodo Foundation who currently house 43 children.  These children were either found living on

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Greetings and blessings from El Salvador.

Once again, He has amazed me by how He is using YOU to touch the lives of the people in El Salvador.  Your faithfulness in prayer and financial support make all the difference in the lives of so many.  Where do I even begin?!?!?!?

After much prayer, we officially changed the name of our church to Center of Praise and Restoration.  And I can appreviate it to the CPR church, which I LOVE!!!!  And that is exactly what the church has become...a place to worship and be restored.  We have seen Him touch so many lives in our congregation and many are coming for the first time.  And He has used Abigail Association to bless the members of the congregation during a financial crisis in the area.  Every Monday, we have Monday's Blessings where we bless the congregation with a small food basket.  Sometimes it is only a bag of rice and a few vegetables, but the smiles and expressions of gratitude do not have a price. They are so happy to know that someone is thinking about them and helping them during their difficult time.  But they are also sharing their testimonies of how the Lord has provided in very unique ways.  We are going to plan a testimony night and hear all the stories.  

The Hope Center was also recently blessed with a wonderful donation of new computers!!!!  Many thanks to the Kingston organization here in El Sal for their generous donation.  They are making a definite impact on the lives of 60 children.  In the gang area where the Center is located, those children would never have the chance to learn how to use a computer.  And I was concerned about the minimal security that we have at the Center,

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Hello Everyone, from El Salvador.  This has been an awesome year so far and I only anticipate even bigger and better things to come.  HE is on the move and we are just trying to keep up!!!

One of our goals this year is one third complete.  I want to add three villages to our feeding programs in Cabañas and we are in the process of adding one.  Praise the Lord. We are currently feeding approximately 240 children every day in three villages and with this new location, we will add another 50-75 children, every day.  But not only will we be feeding them physically, they also receive spiritual food and I KNOW they are taking that home to their parents.  It is amazing to look back over the last 5 years that we have been working in Cabañas and see the changes that have occurred.  HE has done some amazing things in many lives there but there are so many more to reach.  So as He allows us to expand our programs, I know HE will reach them!!!

Also, our Crisis Center is helping to touch many families right now.  We are located in an area where many people are out of work and have been for about 6 weeks.  Now for those living in the States, that may not seem like a long time.  But when your wage is $6 a DAY and there is no unemployment and you don't have any savings, nor food frozen in your freezer or stored in your pantry...because you don't have neither a freezer nor a pantry...because you have no electricity....so you can see.  If you are without work for even a short time, it is a serious situation.  We have been blessed to be able to provide almost 100 food baskets

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