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Hello, Everyone.  

I want to take a few minutes to explain a situation that we have here in El Salvador.  Several of you have seen posts on my FB page that have words against me.  I have been silent and will continue to be as I feel that the Lord is fighting this battle.  

Back in February, we were presented with the opportunity to have a church in Abigail.  Several of you have visited this church and we know the Lord has used it to reach many lives in that community.  We were also presented with a man who was recommended to us to be the pastor.  We had complete confidence in the person who recommended him to us and also in what he said to us about his history as being a co-pastor.  He came, preached the Word, and lives were changed.

After several months, the preaching began to become only doctrine and the number of people attending the church began to decline.  Now I am NOT opposed to doctrine nor am I a numbers person, but they are an indication of the health of the body.  He had appointed leaders such as an elder, deacons, deaconesses, etc to officiate things in the church.  But as time passed, more and more of the leaders came in disagreement with what he was preaching and the direction the church was taking.  Several of us had a meeting with him and he offerd to resign.  That was not our intent, but to work together.  We felt we did not know enough about his past and he said that it was private.  His answer was a red flag and after that, he began to make desicions such as dismissing elders and taking total control of the church.  He also began to

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Happy New Year to Everyone!!!  I hope and pray that you are already blessed in 2014. I really enjoy this time of year as I am able to take a few minutes to reflect on the year that has passed.  It is a time for me to give thanks for what all the Lord has done in my life and in Abigail Association.  And it is also a time for me to look forward to what He has for this new year.  

In 2013, we added three new porgrams to our outreach.  We added the Hope Center where we have 60 children receiving classes in art, music, Bible, and even English.  Imagine my joy when we had our Christmas event and they sruprised me by singing a few songs in English.  I was in tears.  These children in a gang neighborhood and would have never had the chance to learn English and the other things they are learning.  Our plan for 2014 is to expand the number of children we are able to have there to 150 every day.  They are indeed receiving Hope in their dark world.  

We also were able to have feeding programs in 3 villages in the area of Cabanas.  Every Monday through Friday, almost 250 children are being fed, both physically and spiritually.  And the parents are involved as well and are receiving the Word as well as other classes.  These are extremely poor villages and so any help at all is appreciated.  We are working to expand our outreach there and I believe in 2014, that will happen.  There are other villages that we hope to reach with food and the Word.  

In 2013, we were also able to establish a church Fountain of New Life, in front of Abigail Association's

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Great Things are STILL Happening here in El Salvador.

As our areas and way of reaching people continue to expand, I continue to be amazed at what all HE allows us to do.  All of our programs continue to operate with the utmost integrity and faithfulness to which we are called.  All of the Centers are working to reach people and change lives for eternity.  And we are always looking for new ways to reach out to those who are hurting.  

One of the way we reach out is to look for a need and then try to meet that need.  There are such health deficiencies in this country and so we offered an osterporsis screening at the Crisis Center.  The turn out was so tremendous that we are going to schedule another one.  People, and expecially women here are so deprived of calcuim.  We are now offering a program where they can receive monthly calcium supplements at a low cost in order to help combat the deficieincy.  And of course, there was a lot of praying happening during the screenings.  The prayers are always the REAL purpose for anything we do.  

I have also been asked to participate in a community fair for Abuse Against Women.  I am very excited about this.  It will be an opportunity for me to not only share information, but to learn as well.  And then I also later in November will be sharing with a group of pastors and their wives about way the church in general can help women who have been or are being abused.  GOD can heal ANY situation!!!!!  That is always the theme!!!!

We are currently also making some changes in our Kids Connection breakfast.  More information will be coming out after the first of the year.

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Well, here we GROW again!  I continually stand amazed........here are some highlights:

Hope Center....60 children are registered and will begin attending the Hope Center in 2 weeks.  The water system is finally installed and running and we are now equipping the kitchen in order to feed them. The teachers and cooks are ready and so are we!!!!!!

Cabañas Kids Feeding Program....We are now blessed to be feeding 230 children every day (mon-fri) in 3 villages in Cabañas. For the majority of the children, this is their meal of the day.  One little boy told me he had eaten 3 mangos for breakfast and had brought 2 more for his lunch. So he was very happy to see a plate of hot food.  We are teaching them to pray and have little Bible lessons for them as well as the moms.  The communities are getting involved and one has even cleared a field to grow vegetables for the feeding programs.  We ARE changing lives!!!!

Fountain of New Life....We are literally continuing to expand in the church, both physically and spiritually.  We are extending our worship area and putting a roof over the garden area.  A BIG THANK YOU to Eastbridge Fellowship for making this possible.  We are doing some preliminary work now and the Eastbridge team comes in a few weeks to put on the roof and build 2 new bathrooms!!!!  And for spiritual expansion, we have had people making their eternal decisions even before the service ever starts!!!!!  After the roof is complete, we will need to purchase a used bus.....amazing what HE is doing!!!!

Medical Outreach....This weekend we are having a huge medical outreach, just for children in very poor neighborhoods.  All of our doctors are lined up and ready to serve.  We will have medicines and also areas

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As we continue to work in all the areas the Lord has given us, He continues to open other doors for us to reach others.  We seem to get one thing up and running and blessing people and then He adds another.  And I love it!!!!  Never a dull moment in the Kingdom.  

He has given us yet another opportunity to touch lives in Cabanas.  Cabanas is a department in El Salvador and there are many little cities and villages within this department.  I have been to many of the little villages and can only enter and leave in a 4 x 4.  The people there are extremely poor and several of the villages do not even have a water well.  The children go to school half a day and the government provides them with uniforms but nothing else.  They usually only have one meal a day and it is not much, believe me!  So we are working in 2 villages to provide free lunches to the children.  We are feeding 150 children in one village and 50 in another.  We are working with the mothers in the community to teach them how to cook, grow a garden, etc.  If they help us cook, they can also eat.  If they give us a plot of their land to grow vegetables, and they work the garden, they then receive a portion of the vegetables and the rest go to the children's lunches.  This Cabanas Kids feeding program also allows us to keep track of the children as they have to check in to receive the food.  If they are not there for a few days, we can then send someone to check on them and their parents.  We have a wonderful group of volunteers helping us coordinate this program and

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