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Merry Christmas, Everyone from El Salvador!

We are busy here preparing to celebrate Christmas with many different groups of people. And Santa will be joining us as well, so I am super excited for the kids...and even the older adults. But first, before I get ahead of myself, here is what has been happening!!!


Crisis Center... I just can't say enough about the way the Lord is using our Center to reach and change lives. The doctors and dentists are working regularly. We have counseling every day now. We even had a gang member slip a note to one of our counselors saying that he wanted to make an eternal decision. We may not get him out of the gang, but at least he can know the Lord. So HE is using our Center. And of course, I am looking for more ways to reach even more people. Wheels are turning in my head....

Kids Connection Breakfast... Maybe you noticed that I did not say HIV+ Kids Connection Breakfast. That is because we are now going to include kids with cancer as well. They are like the HIV+ kids in that they travel hours to get to the hospital to see the doctor and have their chemo or other treatment, and them will return home, without having eaten anything. They come with various stages of the disease, almost never with smiles, but we are going to change that. We just started this program a few weeks ago and are already seeing changes in their behavior. And as they begin to make eternal decisions, they will even change more. Some of them will not be with us for long and I cannot think about that part. I can only think about seeing them again in eternity and doing everything

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When the Lord is doing so much, it is hard to keep up!!! But HE always manages to keep me moving!!! I just about get one thing off and running and He opens another door for me to go through. Love it!!!! Here are highlights:


Crisis Center: We are blessed to continue to expand our services at the Center. Our dentist is so busy and is always booked up at least 3 weeks in advance. But we now are able to offer yet ANOTHER blessing!!! We now have a dentist just for the children. She specializs in pediatric denistry and is now part of our Team. What a blessing!!! So she is seeing patients once a week as well. We also have changed our counseling schedule. Before, it was by appointment only. But we have found more and more "crisis" situations coming through our doors so we now have a counselor 3 days a week, all day long. That has been a huge blessing to the people who are in need of help!!! And lives are being changed for eternity!!! Just last week, in one day, four eternal decisions were made. LOVE what HE is doing through our Center.

HIV+ Kids Connection Breakfast: Our record now stands at 119 being fed in a single morning. That was in about a 3-hour time span! Talk about slinging some eggs!!! What a wonderful opportunity to share HIM with so many in such a short time!!!! We have been blessed with donations of stuffed animals and drawings from the States for the kids. They LOVE getting something from someone they don't know and it is another opportunity for us to explain how the Lord can touch someone's heart in another country to send His love to them.

Cabanas: I LOVE this

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Greetings and blessings from El Salvador!

As we continue to try and be faithful to the work He has called us to do, He continues to open doors and move mountains for us to reach even more here in El Salvador. I will highlight what is happening. And I am constantly posting updates and photos on Facebook. If we are not friends, ask me!


Greetings and blessings from El Salvador!

As we continue to try and be faithful to the work He has called us to do, He continues to open doors and move mountains for us to reach even more here in El Salvador.  I will highlight what is happening.  And I am constantly posting updates and photos on Facebook.  If we are not friends, ask me!  Smile

Crisis Center:  We now have our dentist seeing patients every Thursday.  Praise the Lord for this blessing!!!  We have been waiting almost a year for this to happen and finally it has.  She is still lacking a few intrusments, but I know in time we will have those as well.  But she is booked!!!!!  There are so many needs I think she will have patients forever.  We are so thankful to be able to meet this physical need.  And afterwards, we always invite them to one of our 5 weekly Bible studies, or for them to return for counseling.  We are meeting both the physicl and spiritual.  Our Center continues to amaze me in the ways it blesses people.  Woman in need are now able to receive basic food baskets to help them with their budget.  Just another way to bless them and we always pray with them.  So Thank You, Lord, for our Crisis Center!!!

Cabanas:  One of my wishes is that the area of Cabanas was closer to

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Blessings from El Salvador!!!

     We continue to be amazed at how things happen here in El Salvador.  We know the doors that open to us are a result of your faithful prayers.  Nothing happens without them!!!!  Here are some of the highlights of the things that you and your prayers a doing here!


Crisis Center:  We are ever expanding the ways in which we can reach people through our Center.  We now have 5 Bible studies there every week.  What a blessing!!!!  We also continue to have doctors there 3 days a week, and we now also have the dental chair and equipment in place and ready to go!!!!  Praise the Lord!!!!  This has been a blessing in the making for quite a while, but our dentist should begin to see patients by the middle of June.  There are so many in need of dental care in this country and now we can bless them!!!  And of course, what another way to show His love through the loving hands of our caring, Christian dentist.  

Cabanas:  The Lord is truly blessing us to touch the lives of many in Cabanas.  We our continuing to reach out to the Elderly in that area.  We are taking them lunch every other week and are forming trust with this group of people who have been abandoned in many ways.  One of the things they wanted to do was to learn to write their names.  Out of 60 people, only 3 can write their name.  So we have started classes for reading and writing.  It was an extremely emotional moment for me when they "turned in their homework.'  We had given them paper and pencils to take home with them to practice.  Never did I imagine they would want to

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Hello, Everyone!!  

I trust all is well with you and your families.  As we are charging through this new year, things are moving at a very rapid, but wonderful pace here in El Salvador!!!  Once again, I find myself trying to be even more organized than usual and keep up!!!  Let me bring you up to date on a few things.


Our Crisis Center continues to be a blessings to many.  We now have a pediatrician and general doctor every Tuesday and Thursday.  The gynecologist moved her day to Wednesday, so we are greatly able to expand our medical care.  There are people coming and going all the time through the doors of the Center and they are blessed and we are blessed to serve them.  They receive free medicines, counseling, and prayer!!!  It is a healing place in so many ways!!!  As for the dental chair, we did have a team come in January and they were able to give free dental treatments, even though we still lack one piece of something to make it all work properly.  (A wonderful dentist here in El Sal donated the chair and is taking care of setting it up.  But sometimes, parts are very difficult to get.  We are blessing him for even trying, knowing that it WILL happen soon!!!!)  But the team was able to bless many and there were smiles all around.  It greatly boosted my anticipation of what a blessing the dental portion of our Center will be when it is fully operational.  And at the Center, we of course, still offer the 4 Bible studies every week, and our little store helps us bless others and raise funds for us to purchase medicines.  (Pray for our little store.  We are in desperate need of clothing/toy

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