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Hello, Everyone and Happy 4th of July as well. I hope everyone enjoys their holiday and takes time to remember the reason we are blessed with this holiday.

There are so many wonderful things I would like to share with you. Please take a few minutes to look at some of the photos I have posted in the "Photo Albums" section of this website. That will help you to see better what is happening here. I would like to post photos from the breakfast for the HIV+ kids, but it is illegal to post them on the web. But trust me, they are ADORABLE kids!!!!


We have been able to feed approximately 1800 at the kids' breakfast since the first of the year. That is an incredible amount of beans and rice!!! Someone asked me about the menu. It usually consists of beans and rice, scrambled eggs, hot bread, cereal with milk, fresh apples, a cookie (to go) and juice or hot chocolate. Now that sounds good!!! And we are able to feed people for about $1.00 per person and that includes all the disposables!!! And of course, there is always a little gift bag for each child that contains cookies and candy. Not much, really, but the bag does make their little eyes light up!!!

I am so excited to share this next piece of good news with you! One of the many things I have wanted to do for a long time is to be able to offer women the chance to start a business of their own and make an honest living! Many of the women here have neither the training nor the opportunity to be self-sufficient. So after screening several ladies and much prayer, we were able to give our first micro-loan of $250!!!

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Happy June to Everyone!

How time is flying this year. Association Abigail has been busier than ever before this year!!! I want to share with you just a few of the highlights from our Crisis Center, the HIV+ breakfast, and the area of Cabanas.

The Crisis Center continues to be a place of support for many women. The doctor is busy every week with patients and even ocassionally seeing men!!! We schedule them at the end of the day when all the ladies have left so there is no risk of contact. But what a blessing for us to even be reaching the men of the community!!!


Another blessing from the Center is that we are adding a third Bible study every week!!! It will not be held at the Crisis Center, but in an area near-by. It is another area where much help is needed and the people there heard about the studies we provide every week and asked if we could give a study in their area. The answer was a very quick and excited YES!!! So we are expanding outside the wall of the Center even more!!!

We are still waiting for the dentist to have his new chair out of Customs here in El Salvador so we can have his old one. But we already have a dentist who is ready to volunteer twice a month with free exams........what a blessing.

The breakfast for the HIV+ kids is always a blessing! We have set a new record for the number fed.....71 in one Monday morning. But He was faithful. Everyone was fed, but there was not a bean left in the pot!!! The children and mothers are so thankful to have this free meal, as for many, it is their only meal of the

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Greetings from El Salvador!

Wonderful things continue to happen here and I am always excited to share them with you. If this is your first time visiting our website, please check out the other pages for more information about who we are and what we do. But please know that none of this happens without YOU!

We continue to expand and reach women through the Crisis Center. Our two weekly Bible studies are still extremely popular and well attended. We are expanding our counseling services and adding an extra day. We hope to be offering free dental exams in April. There is a dentist here who is donating to us his used equipment when his new equipment arrives, hopefully by the end of March. We will also soon be offering free cooking classes. We will be hosting in our garden area approximately 20 women for 4-week classes, meeting once a week. But a few of the tables need some repair work and that is scheduled for March 19. After that, we will be ready to go with the classes.


We are so blessed to be able to now give breakfast to over 150 people every week at the hospital. These breakfast are for children and their families who are HIV+ We had to halt the breakfast for about 3 weeks due to some political issues within the hospital. But those have now been resolved and Abigail is moving forward with a breakfast 3 days a week.

Abigail also has a Team coming the end of this month. They will be going to the area of the country called Cabanas and doing an outreach there. It is a very poor, very rural part of the country. It is almost like a different world. We will be providing both physical

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I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday filled with family, friends, football, and of course food. I will be cooking a turkey here and will have as many of the traditional trimmings as I can find.

Many of you received an email regarding our now being a 501-c3 in the States. That is a huge blessing to us and we are so happy to be able to offer a convenient way for you to be a part of the work here. I am so thankful for everything that has happened with Abigail this past year and all the lives we have been able to touch. I know we are making a difference!!!


I have been asked to give two different presentations at the US Embassy here in El Salvador. They will be on November 30 and Dec 1. This will be a great opportunity for us to share about our work here and to allow the Americans living here an opportunity to volunteer or to be a part in some way.

We are also planning an extra special breakfast for the children with Aids on Dec 20 at the Hospital Bloom. We will have extra gifts, cookies, music, and I am frantically hunting for a Santa suit. I want to make it an extra special day for them. Many of them will not have a tree or lights in their homes. Most of them do not even have electricity or running water! So this is going to be a great day!!! I will not be able to post photos since it is illegal to do that here with people who have Aids, but I can send a few in an email.

Everything with the Crisis Center is wonderful. Not a day goes by that the life of a

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Hello From El Salvador!!!

I have a wonderful report to give from our Outreach Event that took place the 30th of Oct. WOW!!! We had over 800 women, children, and men in attendance!! Many lives were touched that day by the awesome teachings of Sally Hulsey, Vickey Davis, and Ricardo Hernendez. We had many receive the Lord, many connected with Abigial for the first time, and we were able to plug several into the Bible studies we have at Abigial every week. We were also able to plug several into a local church. What a blessing!!! There is a Christian church that is located just two blocks from Abigial. I met with the pastor before our event to see if we could use his facilities for the event. (Abigial just cannot handle 800 people effectively. I wanted to get the children activities off the street) He opened his church to us and blessed us to use it anytime we want!!! Praise the Lord for that. I am working on future events and teachings now that we have access to a larger facility.


In addition to feeding the people spiritually, we also were able to feed them physically. Everyone received a sandwich, chips, drink, and cookies, along with a gift bags containing personal items and candies. THANK YOU to EVERYONE who prayed for this event or who made a contribution. Your seed is in good soil and we reaped a harvest that day!!!

One specific prayer that we prayed was for the healing of a little girl, 10 years old, who has cancer in many parts of her body. Her name is Elizabeth. If you think to pray for her, I would appreciate it. The health care here is such that she has no other hope than the Lord.

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