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Hello to Everyone!!!

I am back in El Salvador and have hit the ground running. It was so good to see many of you during my time in the States and I apologize to those of you whom I did not get to see. It was not because I did not want to, it was a matter of having too much planned for so little time. Next time I promise to get to the West side of Missouri!!!! But overall it was a wonderful time. Thank you to everyone who fed me, gave me a bed and pillow, a vehicle, hugs, donations, love.....all good stuff that I so appreciate!


I was blessed to bring back with me 52 full Bibles, 22 New Testaments, (all is Spanish) 49 pairs of brand new baby shoes, new ladies socks, notebooks, pencils, jewelry...and I know I am forgetting things. But I was also given favor at the airport here in El Sal when I was called aside to have my luggage screened. The man saw all the Bibles, thanked me for the work I was doing here, and sent me on my way. No questions about anything else. I offered him a Bible, but he could not take it because of regulations. But THANK YOU to everyone who blessed me with so much stuff and the means to get it here!

I am so glad to report that now Abigial Association is a non-for-profit organization in the States. This is one of the things I was working hard to complete while I was there. Thank you to ALL the people who helped make this happen! What that does is allows us more ways to receive donations for support here in El Sal. There will soon be an opportunity to make a monetary

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Hello to Everyone!!!

I cannot believe it is the end of July.  Where has the time gone?  I am sure everyone else is asking the same question.  When so much is happening, it is hard to keep up!!!

Here in El Sal, we are in the middle of the rainy season.  We have had so much rain, the mountains and rivers are full!!!  Fortunately, it usually only rains at night, so the days are good, but so many have lost homes and lives because of the rains.  Please continue to keep this country in your prayers. 


With Abigail, everything is working beautifully.  The Center continues to be a source of help to many.    The doctor sees patients every week and the counselor is helping people every week as well.   I am still trying to figure out about the dentist and in the meantime, we also are arranging for a pediatrician to come and see children. Our weekly Bible study always has between 30 and 40 in attendance.  I was able to purchase a little notebook and pencil for each one who attends.  They love them and bring them each week and are taking notes!!!  I love that!!!  They come with their prayer requests and are anticipating things in their lives from the Lord.  They are learning that prayer works!!! 

We still are making plans to start another study with another group every Thursday.  This will start 12 August.  They too will receive notebooks and pencils.  And each group receives coffee and sweet bread every week.  It is a blessing for us to be able to serve them in this small way.

Our paperwork for the Association has been rewritten and resubmitted to the government.  We are being told it should only take 2-3 months.  The gentleman who is

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Hello, Everyone and welcome to my new and improved blog!!!

A special thank you to Scott Cheatwood and associates for helping me to get all my eggs in one basket.  On this new website, you can read the blog, see photos, read the current news and link to other websites.  All under one roof and very easy for me to manage and maintain as well.   We are still under construction, but check back here frequently to see what is happening!!!


From El Sal, I bring nothing but good news!!!!  Every single day is filled with blessings!!!  I am so very pleased with how our Crisis Center is functioning.  Let me just list what all is happening:

  1. The doctor is now regularly seeing patients.  She has seen teenagers to older women.  Many of the teenage girls have suffered physical abuse but have never been able to see a doctor.  The visit to the doctor is free.  If any lab work is needed, the cost is $5.00.  Abigail pays $2.50 and the ladies pay the other $2.50.  The ladies are thrilled to have this service available to them.  We are considering adding another day to the doctor's schedule.  The ladies make appointments and right now, we are booked for two weeks!!!  PTL!!!  And several of the ladies have come to know the Lord as a result of the doctor's visit.   Yesterday, we had two!!!   Wonderful!!!!!
  2. We have started a weekly Bible study every Tuesday afternoon.  In our first session, we had 33 people attend and 4 of those were men!!!  They asked if they could attend and we never want to deny anyone a chance to hear about Him.  If the number of men increases, we will start a Bible study for men only.   This is not something I had
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