Our MissionJanis Watkins

Our mission is to offer assistance to the people of El Salvador, to help them to be able to develop and cope with new abilities and strengths, and restore the integrity of the family.

Our Vision  

The Vision is to be an association with social sensitivity and with Christian principles, willing to provide quality assistance in these areas: Medical, psychological, social, legal, and educational to people in El Salvador and to empower them with skills, improve their quality of life and strengthen the family.

Association Overview

We are reaching out to the hurting people of El Salvador in every way possible.  We have a Crisis Center in an extremely poor part of the country.  Here the women receive food, medical exams, clothing, legal and spiritual counseling.  We are also able to offer dental care and Bible studies.   We have local doctors, dentists, nurses, and counselors who volunteer their time.  

We also operate another feeding program called Cabanas Kids feeding program.  It is located in the northern, remote part of El Salvador.  When you are there, you feel as if you have stepped back 75-100 years in time.  Very few have electricity and live in shacks.  The children go to school half a day and the government provides 2 school uniforms, but no other assistance, such as food or medicines.  We are currently feeding 230 children in 3 different villages every day.  We have a group of mothers in each village who are learning to cook the meals and since they are helping and learning, they are able to eat as well.  We also are teaching Bible classes to the children and mothers, as well as hygiene and personal care classes.  Most of the adults in these villages cannot read or write, so basic education is important.

We have many other programs for helping those who are hurting.  We have a prison ministry, we worked with orphanages and nursing homes, and we also have a church that serves a poor and gang-saturated community.  We are constantly looking for way to help others and make a difference in their lives, not only for now, but for eternity!