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Merry Christmas, Everyone from El Salvador!

We are busy here preparing to celebrate Christmas with many different groups of people. And Santa will be joining us as well, so I am super excited for the kids...and even the older adults. But first, before I get ahead of myself, here is what has been happening!!!


Crisis Center... I just can't say enough about the way the Lord is using our Center to reach and change lives. The doctors and dentists are working regularly. We have counseling every day now. We even had a gang member slip a note to one of our counselors saying that he wanted to make an eternal decision. We may not get him out of the gang, but at least he can know the Lord. So HE is using our Center. And of course, I am looking for more ways to reach even more people. Wheels are turning in my head....

Kids Connection Breakfast... Maybe you noticed that I did not say HIV+ Kids Connection Breakfast. That is because we are now going to include kids with cancer as well. They are like the HIV+ kids in that they travel hours to get to the hospital to see the doctor and have their chemo or other treatment, and them will return home, without having eaten anything. They come with various stages of the disease, almost never with smiles, but we are going to change that. We just started this program a few weeks ago and are already seeing changes in their behavior. And as they begin to make eternal decisions, they will even change more. Some of them will not be with us for long and I cannot think about that part. I can only think about seeing them again in eternity and doing everything I can to make that happen. We are also planning a special Christmas event with them as well as our HIV+ kids. That will not happen until the 27th of Dec. But Santa will be with them every Monday until Christmas and he loves being with the kids!!!! And we are still averaging over 100 every Monday and every Wednesday. I am trying to find a way to add another day. Please pray for favor as we are now expanding this part of Abigail to touch even more lives.

Cabanas... Can's say enough about what is happening there. We began working with the elderly there over a year ago... Teaching them Bible, teaching them to read and write, giving them reading glasses, feeding them, loving on them...and we are seeing the fruit of our labors. Nearly 80% of them have now made eternal decisions!!! Awesome!!!! And we are building trust for future work there. It is about building relationships as well as just feeding them. You will be hearing more about Cabanas in the coming year as wells will be put into place for fresh water and other good things happening.

Prison Ministry... This part of Abigail was out on hold for a short time, but we are back and planning now. We plan to return to the gang prison in February. I am now working with the Director on dates and logistics. The plan now is to take in 10 doctors and medicines. But we know the meds are only the key that open the door for us to speak about Him!!! Please pray for this as we will definitely be going into the enemy's territory!!! This whole event will need to be covered in prayer for the Lord to accomplish His will there.

Other blessings... We were so blessed to have Hand of Hope here the last of Oct, first of Nov. The medical outreach was HUGE success. Over 32 doctors, nurses, and volunteers were here in addition to 8 doctors from here in El Sal. Here are the final stats from the week: 2730 patients seen, 10,499 prescriptions filled, 410 teeth pulled (Yikes!) and 316 eternal decisions made. What an wonderful blessing so many received. And I learned soooooo much from this experience. I cannot begin to tell it all or to tell of all the blessings I personally received. Now I plan to put this knowledge to work!!!

The last Saturday in January 2013, Abigail will be having it first medical outreach...in CABANAS!!! The plan will be to see at least 400 patients in that day. I am now organizing the doctors from here in ES and preparing the team. I beleive this will be the first of several outreachs we will be able to have in different parts of ES, Lord willing.

Other plans... We are planning events for women in some very poor areas, we are planning events with children in very poor areas...we are constantly looking for the open doors to be His hand extended to those in need. But specifically those that have been assigned to us to reach. As the Lord continues to bless us with volunteers, we will continue to expand and reach even more for Him. I am blessed to be a part of what He is doing here.

Thank you for your prayers for our work here. We CANNOT do it without you, your prayers, and your support. I sometimes take a few minutes to just look at what all HE is doing and stand in amazement of Him. I never want to lose that sense of awe of who HE is and what HE is doing. Blessings to everyone for a wonderful holiday season and many blessings for the coming year. It will be a wonderful year to be working for Him and together, we are making a difference in the lives of many here in ES. Hugs to ALL!!! Janis


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