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Blessings from El Salvador!!!

     We continue to be amazed at how things happen here in El Salvador.  We know the doors that open to us are a result of your faithful prayers.  Nothing happens without them!!!!  Here are some of the highlights of the things that you and your prayers a doing here!


Crisis Center:  We are ever expanding the ways in which we can reach people through our Center.  We now have 5 Bible studies there every week.  What a blessing!!!!  We also continue to have doctors there 3 days a week, and we now also have the dental chair and equipment in place and ready to go!!!!  Praise the Lord!!!!  This has been a blessing in the making for quite a while, but our dentist should begin to see patients by the middle of June.  There are so many in need of dental care in this country and now we can bless them!!!  And of course, what another way to show His love through the loving hands of our caring, Christian dentist.  

Cabanas:  The Lord is truly blessing us to touch the lives of many in Cabanas.  We our continuing to reach out to the Elderly in that area.  We are taking them lunch every other week and are forming trust with this group of people who have been abandoned in many ways.  One of the things they wanted to do was to learn to write their names.  Out of 60 people, only 3 can write their name.  So we have started classes for reading and writing.  It was an extremely emotional moment for me when they "turned in their homework.'  We had given them paper and pencils to take home with them to practice.  Never did I imagine they would want to bring it back and give it to us.  And when they started to write, we discovered that many of them could not see the paper.  They did not know they needed reading glasses.  So I took a range of reading glasses, had them try them on to see what prescription they needed and now I am going to get them and take them back.  They were thrilled to be able to see what they were trying to write!!!!  So just another way of sharing His love wiht them.  We always feed them spiritually and physically!!!  

We continue to expand in Cabanas because the needs are so great there.  Just basic every day needs of food and water!  One thing that I noticed in my trip there is there are always women and children carrying heavy loads of wood on thier backs.  This wood is for cooking and gathering the wood is a daily chore. And when they cook in their homes, they create a lot of smoke, which in turn is bad for them and not to mention all the trees they are burning.  I met a man and his wife here who make something called an Eco Stove.  This stove uses very liitle wood.  You can even use corncobs instead of wood to cook.  And it creates almost no smoke!  So I purchased one for $45 and took it to Cabanas and had a demonstration with about 100 ladies.  They were all amazed at how little wood they needed to have a very hot fire and how little smoke was produced from the fire.  So now they all want one!!!!!  Less work for them, better for the air in their homes, and better for the environment!!!  But they cannot afford $45.  BUT I made the agreement with them that if they could pay $20, that Abigail would pay the remaining $25.  They thought that was possible.  They are making payments.  Some pay $1 a week or $2 a week.  So far, we have already put 10 stoves in homes and the ladies are just to thankful.  And as the ladies complete their obilgation of $20, we will pay our $25 and take their stove to them.  With them investing in their home, health, and family, they will appreciate it so much more than if someone just gave the stove to them.  

We still are looking for land in Cabanas to build our church/multipurpose building.  If you have ever lived or worked in a foreign country for any length of time, you can appreciate our struggle here.  (It took almost 9 months just to get the dental chair all connected!!!)  Nothing moves here like in the States.  And we are building trust as we are looking.  This is very important.  We do not want them to think we are going to come in, build a buidling, and then leave.  That is not our goal.  So by going twice a month and ministering to them both physiclly and spiritually, they are seeing that we are committed to our work there and that builds trust and I know it will pay off in time.  As soon as we have land, we are ready to build and also dig a well for water on the same property.  PLEASE pray for this project!!!!  

HIV+ Kids Connection Breakfast:  After having to suspend our feeding program for about 2 months, we are back and better than ever!!!!  The Lord was directing us to make a few changes and we did.  Now we see why.  He has greatly increased the number of people we are reaching every week.  We still plan to have some sort of Ronald McDonald type setting for the kids and their families when they travel to the hospital.  I have been up and down every block near the hospital and there is nothing available or it will not meet our needs.  Please pray for favor in finding a house where a mom can rest while her child plays, where they can receive counseling and the Word, where they can take a shower and be blessed!!!!  

Prison Ministry:  Our Crisis Center is located less than one mile from the Woman's Prison here in El Salvador.  I recently learned that there are children living in the prison with their mothers.  There are 89 children, ranging from 8 days to 5 yearls old, trying to have some sort of normal life, but in prison.(I really cannot even imagine!!!!)  They do not receive any form of education and very little health care.  They are lacking in food, medicines, and most certainly are not receiving any spiritual food.  I was blessed to be part of a meeting with the General Director of the prisons a few weeks ago.  At the end of the meeting, I asked him for permission to go into the prison with our peditician, take medicines, toys, and His love to the kids living there.  The Director was very gracious and granted me permission on the spot!!!  I am in the process now of obtaining the medicines our doctor needs and also filing copies of our documents for them to have when we enter.  But this a door that many people in this country want to walk through, but cannot get permission.  I know of several churches, including mine, who have been trying for several years to gain entrance to the woman's prison and God just opened the door for us like it was nothing...and for HIM it was really nothing.  I am so grateful for this opportunity.  I am sure I will be heartbroken and messed up fpr days following but it will be so worth it to share Him with them!!!!

Please keep praying for our work here.  So many doors are open and I am constantly asking for wisdom to go where HE sends me.  For those of you who partner in prayer, Thank You!!!  I KNOW that is why so many doors are opening for us.  And for those of you who partner with us in your finances, Thank You!!!  I know we could not walk through these open doors without YOU!!!  I am constantly praying blessing on you, your families, your jobs, etc.  I want you to be more blessed than ever before!!!  If you are not partnering with us in any way, please consider doing so by either committing to pray for us or supporting us with your finances.  Either way, you will be blessed!!!!!   Smile  I guarantee it!!!!  



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