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Hello, Everyone!!  

I trust all is well with you and your families.  As we are charging through this new year, things are moving at a very rapid, but wonderful pace here in El Salvador!!!  Once again, I find myself trying to be even more organized than usual and keep up!!!  Let me bring you up to date on a few things.


Our Crisis Center continues to be a blessings to many.  We now have a pediatrician and general doctor every Tuesday and Thursday.  The gynecologist moved her day to Wednesday, so we are greatly able to expand our medical care.  There are people coming and going all the time through the doors of the Center and they are blessed and we are blessed to serve them.  They receive free medicines, counseling, and prayer!!!  It is a healing place in so many ways!!!  As for the dental chair, we did have a team come in January and they were able to give free dental treatments, even though we still lack one piece of something to make it all work properly.  (A wonderful dentist here in El Sal donated the chair and is taking care of setting it up.  But sometimes, parts are very difficult to get.  We are blessing him for even trying, knowing that it WILL happen soon!!!!)  But the team was able to bless many and there were smiles all around.  It greatly boosted my anticipation of what a blessing the dental portion of our Center will be when it is fully operational.  And at the Center, we of course, still offer the 4 Bible studies every week, and our little store helps us bless others and raise funds for us to purchase medicines.  (Pray for our little store.  We are in desperate need of clothing/toy donations!!!)  

Our HIV+ Kids Connection breakfast is also expanding.  We now are able to offer a free hot breakfast every day of the week, except Thursday!!!  God is so faithful to continue to bless this ministry.  But, we are always looking for ways to extend His hand even more.  I recently learned that when a child is in the hospital here in El Sal, a parent or family member is required to stay with them at all times.  So the families are very often poor and have nothing to begin with, and if they happen to be working, they have to stop working to stay in the hospital.  I met one mother whose child is waiting for a kidney transplant.  She has been in the hospital for 2 YEARS!!!!  This mother has been there every day, also for 2 years!!!!  She is a single mom, cannot work, so therefore has no income...and in turn, eats very little.  This all just about broke my heart the day I was in the Children's Hospital Bloom.  It is such a sad place anyway....so I had to take action.  We picked the kidney floor of the hospital and now every mother on that floor is receiving a free hot breakfast every day except Thursday.  You should have seen their eyes the first time we went with the food.  They were crying and thanking us.  I had no words.  To know that these people were so thankful for something as simple as a small plate of food...I almost could not look them in the eye.  I hugged each one of them, we prayed with them and then let them eat.  So here is another way the we are His hand extended to those who are hurting and are in need.  

We are working even more in Cabanas.  Our plan is to build a church/multi-funtional building in that area this year.  We are having trouble obtaining land but are working on it constantly.  Here is a bit of history...when the war ended in the early 90's, the government put people up in this area where there is nothing and gave them land.  But they did not give land to individuals.  They gave it to councils that govern each village.  So to purchase land, it has to go through the council.  BUT the government is NOW in the process of releasing the land to individuals and they will be able to buy and sell as normal.  SO please PRAY that it happens soon.  We know there are several who are interested in selling their land.  So we just have to be patient, wait, and pray.  I know it WILL happen!!!!  

In the meantime, we are continuing our outreach in Cuidad Victoria, Cabanas.  Next month, we will begin our new program where we will take food twice a month to the elderly.  The elderly there are really forgotten.  They are sooooo poor, so thin, so without help.  Many do not have family members and there are no government programs to help feed them.  They have no source of income.  Most cannot read or write.  So what can they do.  They eat an average of every 3 days!!! Even less than the rest of the population!!!  So will be taking a free, hot, healthy lunch to about 40 elderly people, twice a month.  (I hope to expand this program in the future. but it is a 2 hour drive there and then 2 hours back....so to go more than twice a month would be a task.  Pray for volunteers!!!!!)  

We also want to help put in manual water pumps in a village called La Uvilla.  I was there on a medical outreach and found their source of water.  It is water for drinking, cooking, washing...everything.  AND it is also the area where the cows, chickens, and other critters do their things:  drink, walk, other natural things they do outdoors.  SO there is not a clean water source for about 750 families.  That means about 4000-5000 people.  So we hope to dig either one or two well this year and put in manual pumps for people to come and have fresh drinking water.  

We are also doing work at Exodo Orphanage.  A generous person has committed a monthly amount to the orphanage to help them with much needed repairs.  We are administrating those funds and will be install new doors, bathroom fixtures, much needed window screens, and other things.  I will do as much of the work as I can myself to save on the cost.  Good thing I love power tools and know how to use them!!!  Well...most of them...  :-)  

Another piece of GREAT and AWESOME news is that we will have the blessing of having Hand Of Hope here this fall.  It is a medical outreach that is an extension of Joyce Meyer's ministry.  We will be able to give free medical care to literally thousands!!!!  And we know they will receive more than just free medical care.  They will receive something to last them through eternity!!!  I have been praying for this to happen here in El Sal for over 2 years.  Now is the time!!!!!

So as you can see, Abigail is EXPLODING!!!!   Lives are being changed every day for all eternity by the work that is happening through Abigail.  Doors are continuing to open and are continue to walk through them, knowing HE is leading the way.  I thank all of you for your support and prayers.  This is definitely a TEAM effort!!!!!  Please continue to pray for us.  That opens more doors than anything else.  Pray for me to have wisdom in decisions as we continue to grow and expand.  Just because something is a good thing, does not always mean it is a God thing.  I want to follow His steps!!!!  I love each of you and again am so thankful for all you are doing for us and WITH us!!!!!  Blessings upon blessings for each of you!!!


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