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Merry Christmas to Everyone.

As the time of celebrating our Lord's birth nears, it is also a time to give thanks for the many blessings we have had this past year.  This has been an incredible year for Abigail Association here in El Salvador.  At the Crisis Center, we have been able to grow our services and the number of Bible studies each week.  We will soon be offering free dental exams in addition to our free medical exams, free medicines, and free counseling.  We were also able to give micro-loans to single mothers to help them start their own business and be self-supporting.


This year, we were also able to start a little Abigail Crisis Center in Cuidad Victoria, Cabanas.  This is a rural town with few services.  So the used clothing we take is a huge blessings to them.  We have also been able to supply them with goods for vocational classes.  Many of the ladies there cannot read or write.  So they are able to take classes to learn sewing or crocheting and then are able to sell what they make.  It blesses us and blesses them!  We plan to expand our services there as well in the coming year.

This year, Abigail began planning a project for 2012 in another area of Cabanas called Santa Marta.  This is also a very poor rural area where many do not have electric or water.  There are an estimated 7500+ people living in that area.  Our project will be to construct and maintain a multi-purpose building.  This building will be used as a church on Sunday and then, through the week, as a medical clinic and as a classroom for vocational classes.  We will be able to take medical teams, clothing, food and so much more there for the people who have nothing.  They are living about 75 years behind the rest of El Salvador.  You will be hearing more about this project in the coming year!!!

With the HIV+ Kids Connection breakfast, we have fed over 3200 hot breakfasts this year to children who travel from all over Central America to receive their treatment for AIDS.  When I look at that number, I am in awe!!!!!  We have had mothers and grandmothers in tears when they see the breakfast that is provided for them, free of charge.  For so many, it is their only meal of the day.  I am beyond words when they tell us Thank You.  It seems like so little to us but for them, it is a tremendous blessing.  They are also anticipating Santa's arrival next Monday, the 12 of Dec.  This is always a great day!!!!

We have been privileged to work with Exodo Foundation, an orphanage for 50 children.  It is always an honor to serve them food, gifts, and other surprises.  Their eyes light up when visitors pull on the property.   Most of the children have suffered abuse by the hands of a family member.  So lots of love and hugs are given whenever we go there.  We have plans to do more projects with them in the coming year, including painting every house and doing minor repairs that are so desperately needed.

Abigial Association was able to reach out to the community several times this year.  We provided over 2000 meals to women and children in these events.  They were fed both physically and spiritually.  We have one more event this year in Soyapango with about 1000 signed up to attend.  This event will be held on Sat, 10 December.

There are so many things that Abigail Association does that will never appear on the website or Facebook.  Almost on a daily basis, we are helping someone in some way or are working on a project to offer help.  There are so many desperate needs here.  So many without healthy food and water and many in need of clothing.  I want to say Thank You to everyone who has extend their hand to us this year.  We cannot be His hand extended without you.  Your prayers, love, clothing donations, food donations, and monetary donations are absolutely priceless to us.  YOU are helping us touch the lives of many.  YOU are connected to the work here.  YOU are giving food, love, and clothing.  Thank you.  May God bless each one of you during this holiday season.  May you enjoy this special time with your family and friends. But also please remember to pray for those who have so little and for those of us here on the field, trying to make a difference.  We say Merry Christmas to you and yours!!!


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