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Hello From El Salvador!!!

I have a wonderful report to give from our Outreach Event that took place the 30th of Oct. WOW!!! We had over 800 women, children, and men in attendance!! Many lives were touched that day by the awesome teachings of Sally Hulsey, Vickey Davis, and Ricardo Hernendez. We had many receive the Lord, many connected with Abigial for the first time, and we were able to plug several into the Bible studies we have at Abigial every week. We were also able to plug several into a local church. What a blessing!!! There is a Christian church that is located just two blocks from Abigial. I met with the pastor before our event to see if we could use his facilities for the event. (Abigial just cannot handle 800 people effectively. I wanted to get the children activities off the street) He opened his church to us and blessed us to use it anytime we want!!! Praise the Lord for that. I am working on future events and teachings now that we have access to a larger facility.


In addition to feeding the people spiritually, we also were able to feed them physically. Everyone received a sandwich, chips, drink, and cookies, along with a gift bags containing personal items and candies. THANK YOU to EVERYONE who prayed for this event or who made a contribution. Your seed is in good soil and we reaped a harvest that day!!!

One specific prayer that we prayed was for the healing of a little girl, 10 years old, who has cancer in many parts of her body. Her name is Elizabeth. If you think to pray for her, I would appreciate it. The health care here is such that she has no other hope than the Lord. And we know Him and what HE can do!!!

But the Lord continues to open doors that simply amaze me. I have been asked to speak at the American Embassy here in El Salvador on the 30th of November. Please keep that day in your prayers. November 25th is International No-Violence Against Women day. But because it is Thanksgiving, they could not have a speaker that day. I will be speaking about the violence against women here in El Salvador and then go into Abigail and what we are trying to do to help women. So this will be an opportunity for the American community here to see what is trying to be done to help women and also for them to get involved and support another American working here. I am so thankful for this open door!!! HE is amazing!!!!

The Crisis Center is continuing to function in a wonderful way, touching many lives. At one of the Bible studies last week, we had a young man, Juan Carlos, who had walked away from drugs, alcohol, and other things and had been attending the study every week. Last week, he asked for prayer as he was feeling the tug to return to those things. When we prayed for him, the tears just began to roll down his face as he truly knew the Lord was his only source of help. What a precious moment to be able to pour into the life of this young man who is trying very hard to make a permanent change in his life.

Please continue to keep this ministry in your prayers. Every day, He is doing something and I am just trying to keep up!!! Plans are already being made for several ministry events in March and I have a list of people just wanting to come and be a part of what is happening here, even if for a few days. So your prayer covering is priceless to me!!!!! May He bless you for your continued faithfulness to the work He is doing here!!!

Blessings and love,



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