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Hello to Everyone!!!

I am back in El Salvador and have hit the ground running. It was so good to see many of you during my time in the States and I apologize to those of you whom I did not get to see. It was not because I did not want to, it was a matter of having too much planned for so little time. Next time I promise to get to the West side of Missouri!!!! But overall it was a wonderful time. Thank you to everyone who fed me, gave me a bed and pillow, a vehicle, hugs, donations, love.....all good stuff that I so appreciate!


I was blessed to bring back with me 52 full Bibles, 22 New Testaments, (all is Spanish) 49 pairs of brand new baby shoes, new ladies socks, notebooks, pencils, jewelry...and I know I am forgetting things. But I was also given favor at the airport here in El Sal when I was called aside to have my luggage screened. The man saw all the Bibles, thanked me for the work I was doing here, and sent me on my way. No questions about anything else. I offered him a Bible, but he could not take it because of regulations. But THANK YOU to everyone who blessed me with so much stuff and the means to get it here!

I am so glad to report that now Abigial Association is a non-for-profit organization in the States. This is one of the things I was working hard to complete while I was there. Thank you to ALL the people who helped make this happen! What that does is allows us more ways to receive donations for support here in El Sal. There will soon be an opportunity to make a monetary donation directly via the webpage and each donation will be tax exempt for you!! We will also be able to receive donations of non-monetary items, such as cars or other items of value, and you can receive a tax donations letter for those as well. Several people had expressed interest in making their donation via the internet and soon that will be possible. So I will have upcoming information about all that good stuff. It is your donations AND prayers that allow us to do what we do here.

We have so many wonderful things planned for Abigail with the Crisis Center. On October 30th, we will be having a Community Outreach Event. I am thrilled to say that we have 461 children, 265 women, and 35 men, signed up for the event. The event was originally slated for only women and children, but we had several men who expressed interest and opened it to them as well. I am very excited about that!!!! On that day, the children will be divided into groups and will pass through different "stations," where they will have face painting, games, piƱatas, and, of course, a station with a Bible lesson. The ladies will have a ministry time with Sally Hulsey and Vickey Davis, both wonderful women of God who are going to be such a blessing to the ladies. There will time for small group prayer and ministry as well. Thank you in advance to the ladies of my church here who are helping with this event and ministry time. The men will be receiving Bible teaching from Pastor Ricardo, my assistant pastor here in El Sal, and there will also be a time for prayer. Our goal is to give them as much spiritual food as we possibly can. PLEASE keep this day in your prayers. We are definitely going into the enemy's camp and taking back what has been stolen from so many.

In addition to feeding everyone spiritually, we will also be feeding them physically. So in one day, we will feed over 850 people, including volunteers. That is not a small task, but is one I am very excited about doing. We have fed 700 in one day in the past, so I guess HE is stretching us! And every man, woman, and child will receive a gift bag containing personal items and candies. I absolutely love these Outreach Events. It gives us the opportunity to reach many for Him all at once!!! So again, I ask for your prayers as we prepare for that day.

I truly want to thank everyone for all you do for Abigail. I know beyond a doubt that we could not do what we do without YOU! I have been here full-time for two years and have loved every minute of it! I cannot imagine ever doing anything else. Thank you for your prayers that have blessed me, healed me, and kept me safe during these past two years. There are a few times where I know it was only the prayers that got me though stuff...or I can say out of stuff. So please keep them coming. I anticipate giving a glowing report in the first part of November for what He is going to do on the 30th! I know it will be more than I can even imagine.....it always is....

God bless each of you!!!!



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