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Hello, Everyone and welcome to my new and improved blog!!!

A special thank you to Scott Cheatwood and associates for helping me to get all my eggs in one basket.  On this new website, you can read the blog, see photos, read the current news and link to other websites.  All under one roof and very easy for me to manage and maintain as well.   We are still under construction, but check back here frequently to see what is happening!!!


From El Sal, I bring nothing but good news!!!!  Every single day is filled with blessings!!!  I am so very pleased with how our Crisis Center is functioning.  Let me just list what all is happening:

  1. The doctor is now regularly seeing patients.  She has seen teenagers to older women.  Many of the teenage girls have suffered physical abuse but have never been able to see a doctor.  The visit to the doctor is free.  If any lab work is needed, the cost is $5.00.  Abigail pays $2.50 and the ladies pay the other $2.50.  The ladies are thrilled to have this service available to them.  We are considering adding another day to the doctor's schedule.  The ladies make appointments and right now, we are booked for two weeks!!!  PTL!!!  And several of the ladies have come to know the Lord as a result of the doctor's visit.   Yesterday, we had two!!!   Wonderful!!!!!
  2. We have started a weekly Bible study every Tuesday afternoon.  In our first session, we had 33 people attend and 4 of those were men!!!  They asked if they could attend and we never want to deny anyone a chance to hear about Him.  If the number of men increases, we will start a Bible study for men only.   This is not something I had thought of but would love to see it happen for the men!!!  I want to purchase a little notebook and pencil for each person who attends the Bible study for them to be able to take notes and remember what is taught. 

   Another Bible study is scheduled to start the first part of July with another group of ladies.  We can reach many ladies through these studies.  Remember, many of them do not have a church or do not attend church.  One lady shared with us there is not a church in her area and to take the bus, it is just too much on a Sunday when they are not running the regular schedule.  So she is very excited about these studies.

  1. We now have couselors who are assisting the women with problems.  These are scheduled visits, just like the doctor.  We deal with abuse, drug issues, family issues...anything they may be dealing with we address from a Biblical perspective. 
  2. Our little store is a constant source of blessing and ministry.  The ladies absolutely love shopping for themselves, their children, and their homes.  We have had wonderful donations of used items from American community here in El Salvador.  The Lord has blessed us to meet Americans who work at the US Embassy here or in offices affiliated with the Embassy.  They have been a trememdous blessing to us with donations of used items.  And while the ladies shop, they speak with us and open up to us about their lives.  That allows us to move in and talk about Him and what we offer at the Center.  
  3. We have several other Christian professionals who are wanting to volunteer their time.  Right now, the question is for space.  Where am I going to put a dentist????  But she wants to help, so we will make a way.  We also have a peditrician who is wanting to come specifically to help with the children.  There is a very large building next to us that is for sale....perhaps the man would want to donate it to us???  Please pray about this with us.

So overall, the Center is a blessing to many.  There is nothing like this in the area and we know of nothing like it in the whole country!!!  We know of several medical clinics, but nothing like the all-under-one-roof like we have.  Kind of like Wal-Mart...one stop shopping!!!  ha ha  But all for Him!!!

With the Wednesday morning breakfast for the kids who are HIV +....that is always a wonderful time.  We bagan this part of our ministry the last week in January and have fed people every week except one, when it was a holiday here.  As of this week, 16 June, we have fed over 700 kids and family members.  That is a lot of beans and rice!!!!  But more than that, it is a lot of love, hugs, tears, and several adults coming to know Him.  So it is all worth it!!!!

With all the wonderful things that have been happening with the Center and preparing the breakfasts, I have not had much time for anything else.  I have spoke in several churches and women's groups and even had the opportunity to see some old high school friends who were here on a mission trip.  But I have a team coming the first part of July and their schedule is full!!!!! 

Thank you to Everyone for your prayers and support!!!!!  Reaching El Sal is a Team effort and I am thankful that we are all on the same team.  I am praying blessings on you for all you are doing for us here.  He continues to open doors for us that are incredible and I love walking through every one of them!!!!! 

Keep checking back on this web site for more updates and more photos.  Now that I know what I am doing (almost...ha ha)  it will be easier for me to keep you informed.  I love you and God Bless You!!!


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