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I just cannot keep up with what all the Lord is doing here in El Salvador.  If you read the last post, you know that a group of people from our Bible studies were interested in forming a church.  And Abigail supported the idea completely.  There was a co-pastor who works in the area whom we spoke with to see if he would be willing to come and give the Word on Thursday nights.  He was very interested in the idea.  (He is very founded in the Word and is from a great church here in El Sal.  So we knew the reputation and where he was coming from)  So we decided to have a meeting with him and a few of the people who seemed to be leaders from the Bible study group to see what we could set up.  I planned the meeting for 12 people.  Well, word got out about the meeting and we had 42 people show up.  I told the pastor that this was church, not a planning meeting.  He preached and 5 lives were changed for eternity!!!  The next week, we had over 50 show up, then over 60, then more than 80....our last service, we had over 100 people in attendance.  WOW!!!!!  We have heard testimonies of healings, both physical and within the family, more than 20 eternal decisions have been made.  In one service, we had two men who literally fell to their knees to change their lives.  We have a list of people to be baptized.  So we are moving forward with formally setting up this church.  We voted on the name Fountain of New Life.   And we are already out growing our space!!!!  What a wonderful problem!!!!  


This week, we will start to include Children's church.  I am super excited about that!!!  I am just plain excited in general about how the Lord is touching and changing lives right before my very eyes!!!!  One night after service, (we are currently having services outside) a man passed by who had pains all in his back.  He and 4 other people knelt down on the sidewalk, he made an eternal decision, and gave a testimony the following week about not having any pain.  He has been in church every since, pain free!!!!  I have 3 young men who help me set up every week.  2 of them have been staying for the service.  I saw one yesterday and he told me he was excited to have the "temple" ready for service on Thursday.   So I know it is only a matter of time for him to make his decision as well.  

But as excited as I am about Fountain of New Life, I am also excited about all the other stuff that God is continuing to do through Abigail.  We have had a spiritual shift at our Kids Connection breakfast.  The Lord has really reminded me of the importance of praying for these moms and kids.  We are laying hands on them and blessing them.  The tears are flowing from the mothers eyes as they receive the blessing and Word of the Lord.  HE is up to something there as well.  

Our Hope Center is getting closer to being ready.  We plan to open officially on 4 June.  Praise the Lord!!!  I still have some work to do there, but it will happen!!!!  We have Christian teachers who are willing to volunteer their time teaching the kids.  We will be providing both physical and spiritual food.  This Center will indeed offer hope to a community of children who have no hope or their only hope would be to join a gang.  

We are still ministering to the Elderly in Cabanas and loving it.  We are having several teams through out the next 2 months come and will be busy working with various projects.  We will be going to nursing homes, orphanages, etc. so share Him in any way possible.  We will be doing some feedings on street corners and in houses.  

God is opening so many doors for Abigail to reach His hurting people.  The Crisis Center continues to be a place of refuge for those who are hurting and in need.  We are still planning on going back into the prisons, but are having scheduling difficulties with 10 doctors and the prison officials.  But God has the perfect date.  When I actually take time to sit and reflect on what all HE is doing and has done, I am blown away and have to get up and get moving to keep up with HIM!!!!  I KNOW it is your prayers and support that keeps Abigail moving forward.  I KNOW we can do nothing without HIM and without YOU!!!  I pray for you to always be blessed abundantly, never lacking, but to have overflowing blessings in your lives.  Thank you for helping us help those in need here in El Salvador.


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