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Well, here we GROW again!  I continually stand amazed........here are some highlights:

Hope Center....60 children are registered and will begin attending the Hope Center in 2 weeks.  The water system is finally installed and running and we are now equipping the kitchen in order to feed them. The teachers and cooks are ready and so are we!!!!!!

Cabañas Kids Feeding Program....We are now blessed to be feeding 230 children every day (mon-fri) in 3 villages in Cabañas. For the majority of the children, this is their meal of the day.  One little boy told me he had eaten 3 mangos for breakfast and had brought 2 more for his lunch. So he was very happy to see a plate of hot food.  We are teaching them to pray and have little Bible lessons for them as well as the moms.  The communities are getting involved and one has even cleared a field to grow vegetables for the feeding programs.  We ARE changing lives!!!!

Fountain of New Life....We are literally continuing to expand in the church, both physically and spiritually.  We are extending our worship area and putting a roof over the garden area.  A BIG THANK YOU to Eastbridge Fellowship for making this possible.  We are doing some preliminary work now and the Eastbridge team comes in a few weeks to put on the roof and build 2 new bathrooms!!!!  And for spiritual expansion, we have had people making their eternal decisions even before the service ever starts!!!!!  After the roof is complete, we will need to purchase a used bus.....amazing what HE is doing!!!!

Medical Outreach....This weekend we are having a huge medical outreach, just for children in very poor neighborhoods.  All of our doctors are lined up and ready to serve.  We will have medicines and also areas of prayer.  All of this, we learned when Hand of Hope was here last year.  Well....now I have super good news...Hand of Hope will be returning for another week of medical outreach in 2014!!!!!  I am so excited for the people of El Salvador, but I am also excited for me.  What another wonderful opportunity to learn!!!!!

There are some more wonderful things in the works, but I just wanted to mention a few.  THANK YOU to everyone for your prayers and support.  I truly wish everyone of you could put your feet on the ground here and see what YOU are doing!!!  HE is using YOU to touch literally hundreds of lives every single day!!!!!  Oh great will be your reward!!!!!



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