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Hello, Everyone.  

I want to take a few minutes to explain a situation that we have here in El Salvador.  Several of you have seen posts on my FB page that have words against me.  I have been silent and will continue to be as I feel that the Lord is fighting this battle.  

Back in February, we were presented with the opportunity to have a church in Abigail.  Several of you have visited this church and we know the Lord has used it to reach many lives in that community.  We were also presented with a man who was recommended to us to be the pastor.  We had complete confidence in the person who recommended him to us and also in what he said to us about his history as being a co-pastor.  He came, preached the Word, and lives were changed.

After several months, the preaching began to become only doctrine and the number of people attending the church began to decline.  Now I am NOT opposed to doctrine nor am I a numbers person, but they are an indication of the health of the body.  He had appointed leaders such as an elder, deacons, deaconesses, etc to officiate things in the church.  But as time passed, more and more of the leaders came in disagreement with what he was preaching and the direction the church was taking.  Several of us had a meeting with him and he offerd to resign.  That was not our intent, but to work together.  We felt we did not know enough about his past and he said that it was private.  His answer was a red flag and after that, he began to make desicions such as dismissing elders and taking total control of the church.  He also began to preach to specific people from the pulpit, pointing out their need to know more of the word.  He would preach about conversations that had been held in confidence, etc.  

At a servivce on the 29th of Dec, he announced that at the end of the year, all servers in the church would be re-elected since it was Biblical for them to be re-elected every year.  First, the leaders had never been notified about the re-election of leaders nor had any of them been serving a year since the first servcie of the church was the 14th of March.  That same night, he told the elder that his time was finished and that he needed an elder who would support him in every area, in all the doctrine.  That was the last straw and I knew this was not the will of God for this church.  I knew that a desicion had to be made.  And on the 31st of Dec, we had a service, where 17 people, including him, attended.  He proceeded to appoint elders, deacons, etc, from that small group of people.  Some of them he did not even know their names and had to ask, yet he appointed them as leaders.  I was in my chair, with unbelief all over me.  Several of us had prepared a letter ahead of time, asking him to resign and after the service, we presented him with the letter.  He literally blew-up!  He said that he would never resing, but would preach in the street.  I and another lady tried to talk to him and he said he could not talk to a woman.  

We contacted a pastor whom our pastor had said was his pastor, mentor, spiritual leader, etc. But prior to the meeting with this gentleman, our now previous pastor began to write messages to me on Facebook, first in private and then in public posts.  His words were horrible, un-Christian, and words that would never come from a pastor nor a man of God.  I did not put one word in reply and he continued to write negative things.  I just collected them and presented them to his pastor at our meeting.  He was a man of few words but also a man I would not want to face in a battle!!!  Very strict.  He first told us that we had his full support, that our pastor was not under him and that he was not even a pastor.  He had never been truthful with us about his past.  This man has agreed to meet with him, to try and stop the harrassment of his words on FB, which he has now tried to post in English.  He is so angry and he is blaming me for him losing his church, when he never even was a pastor to begin with.  

I am writing this to first and foremost ask for your prayers.  And second, to please ignore any negative posts that you may see on my FB page.  I will not repsond in any way as I do not want to add fuel to the fire.  Fountain of New Life continues to have service.  We have changed out meeting days and times so as not to have any conflict with the previous pastor being in the street.  He chose to be in the street.  We never placed him there and we never closed the doors to the church.  We already have someone helping us with the music, Bible studies, etc.  I asked that everyone in our church just pray.  We are coming together for prayer and worship.  I want to make sure that anyone who has been hurt by this incident knows they are welcome in Fountain of New Life church, without any questions.  We only have love for them!  

I am in no way offended by his words.  I know he is angry and that he is speaking words against a servant of the Lord.  There is accountability for all of our words.  I am just praying for the church.  Something like this is so painful and many in our church are young in their faith and are asking what to do.  I am telling them to seek the Lord. Do not follow a man nor a woman, nor a crowd.  Follow God.  With every meeting, we have an increase in numbers.  I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that we made the right desicion in asking him to leave.  You cannot imagine the peace I felt after we presented him the letter.  And we have seen people step up to help in the church and our prayer reunions have been powerful.  I continue to trust the Lord.  

I do not like to take so much time to explain issues, but at the same time, he wrote things about my brothers and sisters in the USA, so I felt like I could address the issue here and not on FB.  PLEASE pray for us!!!!!  The Lord is seeing us through this and if I hold my peace and let the Lord fight my battle, victory will be mine.  But I am not looking for a victory over any man, but over the enemy who has tried to destroy what the Lord has done and wants to do in that place.  So I declare victory in Jesus's name!!!  Thank you, Everyone, for all of your prayers.  I believe in a few weeks, we will be able to testify about what the Lord has done in Fountain of New Life!!!  God bless each of you!!!!  


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