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2014 has only just begun and Abigail Association is already blessed! We had the honor of hosting and working along side of the Hand of Hope Medical Mission team for a week and so many lives were touched. The team consisted of 31 doctors, dentists, nurses, and volunteers. We treated patients in two different locations and 3,507 patients were treated in a span of 5 days. There were also 373 eternal decisions made as well so we know there is much rejoicing in heaven over this event. We heard so many stories of how people were not able to get to a hospital or when they went, there were no medicines. People with infected wounds and bites were able to have them treated. It was just absolutely amazing what all God did during those 5 days and I could spend hours sharing stories. When we are all together for a thousand years, I can share. But for now, check out photos and short stories on my Facebook page.

I have two specific goals for Abigail Association this year. One is to reach more children through our Hope Center. We currently have 60 children receiving hope, but we have space for 150. We need one more teacher and several other volunteers who would be willing to help in order to reach this goal. The children we have now are amazing and are learning so much. They have art classes, music classes, Bible classes and even English classes!!!!! Imagine my surprise when I went as Santa to our Christmas event there and they surprised me by singing Christmas carols in English. That may not seem like much but where these children live, they would never have the chance to learn English. Just look how The Lord is blessing!!!!! I was in tears as I listened to them sing. Thank You for helping to make a difference in the lives of these children!!!! We ARE changing the next generation!!!!

My second goal is to expand our feeding programs in CabaƱas. We are currently feeding 250 children Monday through Friday in 3 different villages. But there are other children in other villages to be reached with the Gospel and we can do that through providing them with food. That is exactly what Jesus did and we are following His example. We have already reached so many as the moms and dads of the children whom we are currently feeding are being reached as well. Thank You for helping us reach them!!!

El Salvador will have a presidential election the first part of February. I am in no way politically active, nor can I be seeing as I am not a citizen. I am just asking for everyone to pray that the man who is supposed to be in office for the next five years, will be. As a result of political changes, we have had to suspend our children's breakfast program, hopefully only until March as we have been told. That is what we have been told by the hospital. PLEASE pray for this program. We were touching so many children and were seeing physical healing from cancer, that I know we have a purpose working with this kids and I do not want to see that ministry stop. We have had this program for over 4 years and have fed thousands through it both spiritually and physically. Nothing has taken God by surprise, it just hurts us to not be touching these little lives.

We will also be expanding the hours with our doctors at the Crisis Center and will be able to bless more people through that part of Abigail Association. My spirit is full of anticipation of what God is about to do there. I truly expect this to be our best and busiest year there so far. He has placed people in our path with hearts to serve and they want to do it at the Crisis Center. So expect many more good reports from there!

Fountain of New Life still is touching lives. We are transitioning from one pastor to another, just following the leading of The Lord. We are experiencing some wonderful prayer times and are watching The Lord restore and return what was stolen by the enemy. God is continuing to work through this part of Abigail Association as well.

There are other doors opening for us as well and I will share more of those as they do open. Please continue to keep us and our work in your prayers. When I look back at what all HE has accomplished in the last 5 years, I know it has been accomplished through your prayers and your giving. You are absolutely amazing in your support of our work here and I cannot say Thank You enough!!!!! When we get home, I will be the one cheering the loudest as each one of you receive your reward for giving to His work. May God continue to bless you and use you to reach the hurting.


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