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YOU are helping us to touch lives all over El Salvador.  Whether we are reaching women, children, men, grandparents or whole families, YOU are making the difference.  Thank You!!

As we continue to be amazed by the success of the Hope Center, we continue to try and figure out how to accomodate the needs.  We currently have about 60 children in the programs.  But we have 180 on the waiting list!!!  Something good is happening there for that many children to want to join us.  Please pray as we consider options as to expansion, moving, etc.  Please pray for us to have wisdom and for us to do only as HE directs.  Please pray for any finances that we may need in order to reach more children.  

CPR church is still growing and reaching families.  We have added a Sunday service and it is well attended by families.  One Sunday we had almost as many children as adults!!  Praise the Lord for that!  As we come to the end of a year, we will be recognizing volunteers in the church and thanking them for their dedication and service.  We also have printed tithe envelopes and several are giving regular tithes.  This is a testimony of their spiritual growth and we are so encouraged to see Him continue to send amazing people to us to reach.  We have had medical campaigns there and our church members have been amazing in working in the ministry area of the campaign.  They are very active in reaching out to the local community and we will be giving out food and the Word in the next week...all to reach those who are hurting.

We have been much more involved with Exodo Foundation who currently house 43 children.  These children were either found living on the streets or their parents are either on drugs or in jail.  Some of the stories of abuse that these children have suffered are almost unbelievable.  Several teams have been able to bless them with needs that they had in their houses.  I am currently buiding some closets in a new Transition House that is for the teenage girls 18 and older.  The plan is for these young ladies to learn to manage a household before they leave Exodo. They have to either study or find some sort of employment and contribute to the household.  They will be responsible for cleaning the house, cooking their own food, etc.  Six young ladies are excited to see the progress being made on their new home and cannot wait to move in!  This is just another way in which Exodo is helping these children heal so that they can leave the foundation and lead healthy, Christian lives.  

Abigial has been blessed to have many team come from all over the States this year...and even one from Australia.  Many of these teams had planned their dates a year in advance.  I love working with such a wonderful variety of people. It lets me see the Kingdom of God in action.  I am thankful for all the Kingdom connections that He has made.  We still have one more team to come this year.  And then we will begin to prepare all of the December blessings for the people of El Salvador.  If you would like to help us bless the people of El Sal during this Christmas season, you will help us give apples and gifts to the almost 300 children in Cabańas, fruit trees to the Elderly, gifts to the children in Exodo, and all of the other ministry areas as well.  

We realize that none of the things that we are blessed to do, we do on our own.  It takes a team and I am thanlkful for such a wonderful team that God has given to Abigail Association.  I wish each one of you could be here to see the faces of some of these children as they receive their first ever brand new toy!!!  Or even a bag of candy.  Or see Santa for the first time ever!!!  And of course, JESUS is the center of it all!!!  Thank You......those two little words can never express what I feel in my heart for each and every one of you who pray for us, visit us, or suppport the work we do.  Blessings to you and your families during this holiday season and may He richly bless each of you.  



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