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Well, as usual, the Lord is doing amazing things and I just can't keep up with Him!!!! I don't even know where to begin!!!

The Hope Center continues to be a refuge for children in a gang area. We are trying to figure out a way to be able to take
more children into the Center. We are maxed out right now. One story in particular stands out to me. We had a mother show up at the door with her four year old son, asking us to take him into the program. We told her we did not have sufficient room nor volunteers to take on any more children at this time. She began pleading, telling that her 12 year old son had been recruited into the gang and that she did not want the same for her other son. PLEASE help us pray about what the Lord wants us to do.  We will either have to take on a reconstruction of the current building or move to another location. There are not many places available in this area and we do not want to move too far away or we will lose the children we currently have in the Center.  Prayers are appreciated!!!

We have had several teams here since I last posted and God has done some amazing things. We have seen salvations, lives and families restored, a man get up out of a wheelchair and walk after more than ten years being in the chair. God is just moving in all areas in El Salvador. CPR church continues to grow and reach out to people in some very stressed neighborhoods. We have had baptisms, overnight services, you name it! God continues to bless that place and we are beginning to think about a bigger place as we KNOW He will continue to bless us as we reach out to others.

The Feeding Programs are always a blessing to so many. The children are still learning to pray and give thanks for their food.  They are singing songs and just enjoying the time together eating. I have never seen one of our children complain about what they are given to eat or say they do not like it. I am so reminded of how blessed most of us are who are reading this note. We can pick and choose from a menu or ask for something different...or often times we just don't eat it simply because we did not want at that time. I always come away with a different perspective when I am with those kids.

I am amazed and grateful at what the Lord is doing in Exodo Orphanage. Late in the fall last year, the Lord put into my heart a project at Exodo. Something that will be a blessing to the children, teams that come to have a place to stay, and also something that will be an extra income stream for the needs of the children. This was actually a project that someone started years ago but never finished. So the foundation was in place for a building. The Lord in an incredible way, touched the heart of one person to help us almost complete the project!!! We are still a few months and about $20,000 away from being finished, But I am AMAZED!!!!! I never imagined HE would move so fast!!! And I know He has a plan. The children are so excited to see the building materials come through, knowing it is going to be something nice for their special celebrations. Please keep this project in your prayers that it will be completed in His time!!!

Our Crisis Center continues to bless others. Wow!!! The doctors, dentist, and counseling team are seriously making changes in lives for the Kingdom. I am so proud of the work they do!!! I am always amazed of the reports that come out of that place.  It is a blessing to even be a part of it.

So as you can see, it is hard to keep up. And I have not even begun to list everything that He is doing. I could never do
that as He is always doing things that are way beyond me and things I do not even know about. Thank you for praying for us.  Thank you for contributing to the work He is doing here. Thank you for being a part of changing the lives and hearts of so many here in El Salvador. I always believe that the more hands we have, the more hearts we can reach. Blessings to all!!!!


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