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WOW!!!  That is what I have been saying for the past few months!!!!  God is opening doors and blessing people all over E Salvador, including me!!!  

We had a team from Texas for a week.  I was so blessed to have this team because it was the first team where the families came...I mean whole families.  Parents and teenagers...together...for a week...in a foreign country.  WOW!!!  But I saw some amazing transformations during that week....in both the parents and teenagers.  But the biggest blessing I had was the opportunity to baptize each of the teenagers.  They all wanted to be baptized in El Salvador.  I will never forget that wonderful experience.  

We were so blessed to have the Hand of Hope team in El Salvador.  This ministry is an extension of Joyce Meyer Ministry.   They take medical teams all over the world.  They week they were with us, we were able to see almost 1700 patients and we recorded 244 salvations!!!  That was an amazing experience and I saw God do so many things that week in the lives of many.

That team left on Saturday and we had a team of pastors arrive on Sunday.  We can really move when we have to!!!    This teams of pastors came and gave such an intense, personal teaching to a group of pastors in El Salvador.  We learned things about ourselves and about how to organize our teams.  We learned priceless information that I am still putting into practice.  

In addition to all of these activities, we have been working on building the Abigail Retreat Center in Exodo.  God has just blown my socks off with this project.  He has poured in resources, hands, hearts, and everything we need.  The Center is now ready to receive its first team in November.  We are blessed to be a part of this project and I know that God is going to use it to bless many in cluding the kids at Exodo.

Please continue to pray for us and for all the projects that we have.  We still have teams coming this year and projects to do.  God will continue to blow our minds, as He always does.  We so love and appreciate all of your prayers and support. Stay tuned.........  :-) 



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