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I was blessed this week to take a wheelchair to a lady in Cabañas.  Many of you saw the photos on Facebook.  But there is more to the story.....

Several months ago, the pastor that we work with in Cabañas asked if we could donate a wheelchair for a lady who had a brain tumor.  He had heard of a lady who is 42 years old and they cannot operate on the tumor.  A doctor came from the States and said it was not possible.  So I began the search for a wheelchair.  

But during the search, one day I was at Exodo and one of our graduates came for a visit.  I asked her where she was living and working.  She told me where she lived and that she was taking care of a lady who was ill.  

Last week, I was able to take the wheelchair with me to Cabañas and after our reunion with the elderly, we went to deliver the chair.  We drove down the dirt road till we came to the end and there was the house.  The pastor and I lowered the chair from my truck and I told him that he better go first since they did not know me.  

All of the sudden, I hear someone screaming my name....JANIS!!!!!  I look around and there is Reina, our girl from Exodo.  I screamed her name and ran to hug her.  The people that were with me were trying to figure out what was going on and I explained to them that I knew her.  She led us in and were able to pray with the lady.  She was not able to speak but could listen.  She cried tears when we told her the chair was for her, free of charge.  

But, as always with God, there is more......As I was in praying with the lady, Reina was talking with someone who had gone with me that day.  She explained that several different churches had been to visit the lady, but they would not let them in.  But we got in because we knew Reina!!!  AND they had no food in the house...not even a grain of rice!!!  So we made sure they had food that day and enough for the next month.  

So now, our pastor in Cabañas has an open door to go visit the lady and her family.  I stand back and look at how God works and am amazed all over again.  I had to know Reina and He had to place her right there with that lady in order for us to get in to see her and to pray with her.  But not only for that day, the prayers and support will continue.  God will arrange people, places and things to help us complete our assignments.  If I had gone a few months earlier, Reina would not have been there and we probably could not have gotten in to pray with the lady.  We could not have given her her chair.  We would not have been able to bless her and her family with food.  We would not have been able to arrange follow up visits with them.  

Everything happens for a reason and in His perfect time if we will only listen.  I believe He is always working.....we just have to wait on Him.  I was truly reminded this week that He has a plan for everyone to hear the Gospel and will arrange people, places, and things just for that purpose.  He loves us so very much that He will do all of that for us!!!  I think everyone has more to their story....we just don't see it.  


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