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Almost two years ago, God placed in my heart another program for Abigail Association to use to reach more people.  But I never knew the when nor the where.  Until just a few weeks ago and...BAM!!!!!  He said Here and Now.  So we are developing a program called Abigail Life Blessings.

We will run this program out of the Hope Center.  The Center is located in a very depressed area where about 90% of the people do not attend church of any kind.  The idea is build relationships with the people there with the ultimate goal of bringing them to an eternal decision.  We started this week by placing someone there from our Crisis Center who also works in the area of counseling with us.  She has started to get to know the chidren and will build relationships with them first.  Then as the parents come to drop off or pick up their children, she can get to know the moms and build relationships with them.  

We want to build trust because the plan is to then offer them counseling.  In such a depressed environment, they just want someone that they can trust to listen to them.  So we are going to offer counseling either to individuals or to families.  And we will also be able to bless them with a basic food basket.  We CANNOT give the food without giving the Gospel.  But as with many of our other successful programs, we know that if we can meet a physical or emotional need first, people are open for God to meet their spiritual need.  

I am very excited about this program and I know we are going to see a great amount of fruit from this.  We have a bit of restructuring to do in the Hope Center, but that will happen within the next two weeks while we are building relationships.   Please pray for us as this type of emotional work is not easy.  Each family will be evaluated and the blessings will be given based on the need.  But I know God is right in the middle of all of this!!!  Pray also for the protection of our team working in the Hope Center.  We continue to be amazed at how HE works and blesses us!!!  We are at the beginning of a wonderful journey with many families and eventually many changed hearts and lives.  


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