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Today marked the culmination of many months of meetings and prayer to bring a blessing to a new place for Abigail Association.  Let me take a few minutes to explain just how GOD works!!!  

A few years ago, a representative from Speroway in Canada was flying from Nicaragua back to Canada, with the hope of putting a clinic in Nicaragua. His plane happen to have trouble and they had to make an emergency landing in El Salvador.  Because they could not fly out that night, the passengers were placed in a hotel and were to fly out the next morning.  (Can't you already see God working?!?!?!?)  

While in the hotel, the person from Speroway happened to meet someone from Operation Blessing.  They began to talk about their work and plans and it was mentioned that perhaps Speroway could build a clinic in El Salvador.  That night, a mayor was called from San Jose Villanueva (SJV) and the plans were laid out to build a beautiful new clinic.  BUT no plans were made to make the clinic function and no funds were alicated for that purpose.  But the clinic was build and equiped.  

Side step for a minute...several years ago while I was traveling through SJV, I saw the poverty and great need that was there.  And God placed in my heart to do something in that area.  But I never had an open door.  Nothing happened.  BUT then, Hand of Hope wanted to come in October of 2016.  I saw an open door and knew we were to do a portion of that medical outreach in SJV.  I went to a local church there to see if we could use their facilities.  Nothing ever came of our meetings.  Phone calls were not returned, messages not answered, etc.  Now if I know my God, that means HE is up to something!!!!  He has another plan.  So I asked a friend to connect me with the mayor of SJV, for me to ask him if he had a large building that we could use for the outreach.  

When speaking with the mayor, he said that he had a building that we could use and he took me to see the building.  I was in shock to find a beautifully built clinic, furnished with doctors tables, a special room for pharmacy, and a fully equipped dentist office.  I asked him why he was not using the clinic and he said that he had no funds to run it but that we could use it for the outreach.  

It was an amazing three days that Hand of Hope had in that clinic.  Not only were bodies treated and healed, eternal decisions were made a the rate of 7 per hour!!!!  I had never seen anything like it!!!!  And I told the Mayor at the end of the outreach that we were going to open that clinic.  I did not know how nor when, but I knew in my heart that God wanted that open to reach more people.  

I was praying and had been asked to submit a proposal to Hand of Hope for another type of minitry outreach.  But I knew God wanted to do something else.  So I asked if I could submit a proposal for the clinic instead.  I did and they accepted the proposal and agreed to sponsor the doctors in the clinic.  Hand of Hope even sent books in Spanish for the ministry area, DVDs in Spanish for the waiting area.....it was a complete package.  After some difficulties with getting all the meds we needed to operate a clnic, we were finally able to inagurate the clinic today.  Representatives came from the Mayor's Office, Speroway in Canada, Operation Blessing here in El Salvador, I represented Hand of Hope and my friend Juanita represented Abigail Association.  I am once again overwhelmed at what all HE will do to reach more!!!!! 

I am also again amazed that I get to play a teeny tiny part in whatever HE wants to do!!!!  PLEASE pray for all of our doctors and staff there.  The dentist, doctors, counselors, administrator...all will need your prayers.  Please continue to pray wisdom and strength for me.  I find myself once again, just trying to keep up.  

All the other programs of Abigail Association continue to reach and bless others.  Everything we do is about HIM.  If not, why bother!!!!!  Thank you for your continued prayers and support.  I have high goals this year to reach even more and it will take all of us working together to do that.  Thank you for being a part of what HE is doing here in El Salvador!!!!!  


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