I always think that I my mind has already been blown in so many ways by the Lord that it can't happen again.  Well, it is happening again!!!  

We have had the new San Jose Villanueva clinic open for about 7 weeks now, seeing patients only three days a week.  And the first few weeks, we only had one doctor.  So here are our totals for these 7 weeks:

-520 general patients

-129 dental patients

-1570 prescriptions filled

-44 counseling sessions

-10 eternal decisions made

Now if those numbers do not make you shout, we need to pray life into your lungs!!!  God is truly doing more than I could have ever asked for or imagined!!!!  And we have had to close the doors early a few days because the number of people coming in were more than our doctors could treat in one day.  Just one day last week, there were 25 people in line at 6:00 in the morning and we do not open until 8:00.  I knew there was a need in this area but I never imagined it was this great!!!  But GOD knew and He worked out a plan to reach these hurting people!!!!   Now I am seeing how we can reach even more!!!!!   I never want to turn anyone away!!!  If they receive their medicine, there is also a chance for them to receive the Gospel!!!  This is the means God has given us to reach even more and we are going to do it with His help!! 

Many other good things are happening her in El Salvador.  God is bringing on more hands to work with Abigail Association.  I will be sharing more about that in the coming months.  But I love when HE touches hearts and lives literally move!!!  

We have also been blessed to have had an amazing team who brought sight to many in El Salvador...literally, they brought sight in the form of glasses and eye exams.  Nearly 400 people were seen in 4 days of eye clinics.  It is such a joy to see a reaction when a person can see for the first time in a long time.  Or when child who has never seen leaves nor his mother's face clearly, lights up with a big smile and amazement at what he now can see.  

We continue to give our Life Blessings to those in need and we continue with our Elderly programs and Feeding programs.  We are reaching more every day through our various programs.  I am just so thankful God lets me be a part of what He is doing in El Salvador.  And we cannot continue to do it without YOU.  Your prayers are amazing and are opening all of these doors.  Don't stop praying for us and our team!!!!!  Your continuous support also allows to reach even more.  I am amazed at how He can help us stretch a dollar!!!!  Blessings to ALL of you who are with us in many ways here in El Salvador.  Stay tuned to see what else HE is going to do!!!  Im sure it will be incredible!!!!!  

You can't just put "Jesus" in a sentence and call it the Gospel....

Saturday, 17 January 2015

It is amazing what can be accomplished when we put GOD in the middle of our plans.

Friday, 12 December 2014


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