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Happy Summer to Everyone. And we can go ahead and say Happy 4th of July.  flag.png   May God bless the United States of America!!!  

I cannot believe we are already in July of 2018.  This year is flying by and we continue to try and keep up with what all God is doing here.  If you have not heard the news from the Big Tease that I talked about a few months ago, let me fill you in on what HE has done!!! 

We needed more space in our Hope Center.  We have had children on the waiting list for years but could not take them because of lack of space.  And we did not own that buidling so we could not make any serious modifications such as adding a second level.  So we were stuck.  But God!!!  He touched the heart of Hand of Hope who has now purchased an empty warehouse for us and we are currently modifying that building to be able to add more children to our current program.  The Lord is so good!!!  The new location is literally just around the courner from the old one and could not be any more perfect!  But not only will the children's area be improved, the clinic will also be improved.  (more details on that in a later update)   So God gave us a double blessing!!!  

We still have a couple of months before we will be in the new space.  But follow us on FB for weekly updates and celebrate with us every step of the way!!  We have several phases of projects there so pray and follow us as we go on this journey of reaching even more children and their parents in this very hurting area.  

We are also making prgress in the San Jose Villanueva clinic.  We want to put a lab in that clinic.  The construction guy was there a week ago and we are now waiting for the budget proposal on that.  Please pray for favor and resources.  Having this lab will only increase the number of patiens that we see there and that will also increase the number of people with whom we can share the love of Jesus!!!  That's what its all about!!!  It is all bout HIM!!!   I also believe that sometime in the month of July, we will be adding Satrudays to our days to see patients.  I do not have a final date yet on that, but it is in the works.  Pray please!!!  And there are going to be some more amazing blessings coming out of what God is doing in that clinic, but I can't say anything just yet.  ;-)  But it will be worth the wait!!!  

We also have totally revamped our feeding programs in CabaƱas.  We are starting in the little village of el Ocotillo.  Instead of having the moms cook the food in their own homes (sometimes not the best conditions) and having the children eating outdoors, even in the bad rainy weather, we are now renting a 3-room house where we have installed a kitchen, a warehouse to store the food items and an eating area.  Thank you to TRWC for the donation of a new refrigerator.  We also put a TV and DVD player for the children to watch Christian videos while they have their food.  We spent a couple of days there with a nutritionist, working on the menus, teaching the moms how to cook different meals, etc.  The program has had a complete makeover!!!  And we saw the fruits of our labors in the first week!!!  ALL of the children came to eat and they ate ALL of their food!!!! (and the moms have learned new meals to cook in their owon homes)  And they are thrilled with the DVDs.  So now we feel we are not only giving the physical food, but we have upped our game on giving them the spiritual food.  The idea is to have this running smoothly for a month or so to see if there are any kinks and then duplicate it in the other villages.  So please keep these programs in your prayers.  

El Salvador as a whole, always needs your prayers.  The only country that bears the Lord's name (El Salvador means the Savior) continues to be the most violent nation.  BUT GOD!!!   We are safe and continue to reach people with the Gospel.  The first two letters in the Gospel are GO!!!  And so we GO!!!  May God continue to bless you and your famiies.  Please pray for our efforts here, for the resources that we need for all of these programs to both continue ane expand, and for lives to be changed for eternity.  





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