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AMAZING is the only word I have to describe what HE is doing in El Salvador.  When I wrote in February that Abigail was exploding, I had no idea just how true that would be!!!!  

I am excited to share some news that just has my heart and spirit bursting at the seams with gratitude to the Lord.  If you have followed us over the past few years, you will know that we have always had Bible studies at our Crisis Center.  We started with one, then added another, then another...some actually at the Crisis Center and some in other locations not too far away.   There has always been regular attendance for these studies and so we have continued to offer them.  We only provide free coffee and cookies at the studies.  But what we did not realize is the way

the people have been growing in the Lord and wanting to experience more of Him...more than they can just get in a 30-45 minute Bible study.    So the amazing thing that the Lord has done is has put a desire in the hearts of 50-60 people from our Bible studies to have a church.  Now you may not seem as excited about this as I am but for me, IT IS FRUIT!!!!  We have been pouring into them and they are growing, learning, and now wanting to serve and reach out to others.  

So a few weeks ago, some of the leaders of this group came to us, asking about starting a church...if Abigail Association would support this and help them.  We listened, asked questions, and then prayed.  As a result of prayer and many meetings, Abigail Association is going to have church at the Crisis Center!!!!  I am just about to dance!!!!  If you could only see the desire these people have to serve Him!!!  And the Center is perfect for them. They live in the area...95% cannot drive and transportation to get to another church is not always easy.  And we have a beautiful garden area in the front of the Center that we can use.  

So we are going to purchase 60 plastic chairs, a keyboard, and a couple of microphones.  What I want to do is have the services on a Thursday night at the Crisis Center.  We will have a sort of "probation" time to see how everything works, if they are truly committed to this plan, and to see if they truly are interested in serving.  If all goes well, we will then more to a more permanent location very near the Crisis Center.  The Center is right in the middle of several gang neighborhoods.  Is there a better place to shine the Light?????

This is not a decision that Abigail has made lightly.  We realize the responsibility that goes with this ministry.  And I know there is more to this than chairs and microphones.  But the goal is to teach them!!!!  And they have such a desire to learn and to reach out to others.  Isn't that what we should do? Reach them, train then and send them?  That is what we are trying to do.  I think this is an AMAZING EXPLOSION for Abigail Association.  We are truly seeing fruit from all of the seeds that have been planted over the past 3 years at the Crisis Center.  

PRAY FOR US!!!!  Please pray for us to have wisdom in all of our decisions.  And please PRAY for this group that has such a hunger to serve HIM!!!  I truly believe they are going to bear much fruit of their own.  I have seen them already going out into the community, telling people about the Lord.  I envision meals being served on the street corners, little events to draw the children...who knows what HE has in mind!!!!  But we are ready for whatever HE wants.  THANK YOU for your prayers and support as once again, we expand.  ALL of the other programs are continuing to touch literally hundreds of lives every week.  Thank the Lord for that!!!  But without Him and YOU, we could not reach them!!!!  When we have a harvest, YOU have a harvest!!!!!  I truly feel we are reaping a harvest and I pray YOU reap a harvest in your life as well.  Get ready for an Explosion!!!!!  HE can do it!!!!  


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