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Greeting from El Salvador!!!!  

Abigail Association truly exploded in February with blessings for so many.  We were blessed to have the Vision Team here.  I honestly did not realize the need for glasses in this country until they came.  They saw 378 people in 3.5 days!!!  That is a total of 756 eyes!!!!  They were able to give eye exams and glasses free of charge!!!!  It was such an experience to have some not be able to see the big "E" on the eye chart when they were examined, but after receiving their glasses, they could read almost 20/20.  Their faces literally lit up with JOY!!!!

 Many of them had never even had an eye exam or never would have been able to afford a pair of glasses.  So what BLESSINGS the Vision Team provided.  If you want to see some of the photos and video, look for them on my Facebook page. (Janis Watkins)

One day that was particularly fun for the Vision Team was their day in Cabanas with the elderly.  The Team gave eye exams to about 50 elderly that day. But they elderly also had some enterainment lined up for the Team.  They sang and danced and just had a wonderful time.  We also gave them lunch and lots of love.  

And the Vision Team also was able to feed over 100 people at the Kids Connection breakfast. The Team were amazing and LOVED feeding the kids.  I think it is an experience they will never forget!!!  We also added another day to our Connection breakfast.  This ministry really is exploding!!!!  So now we will be serving over 300 hot free breakfast EVERY week!!!!   Can I just say Praise The Lord!!!!  

I am super excited about what is happening with our new Hope Center.  I would love to have this open some time in March of this year.  We are working (slowly but surely) on putting in the kitchen, eating area, and bathroom.  We need all of those before we can begin to take children and give them the Hope of Jesus Christ.  Just driving through the neighborhood, one can see the need for these kids to have some sort of alternate to joining a gang.  We hope they will join our "gang" and be a life changed forever!!!  

It seems like the last few weeks, many opportunities have opened for us to minister in different areas.  We have been asked to speak in March in a town called Apopa to around 800 women.  This is an extremely poor area and also an area where there is a lot of abuse.  I had a planning meeting a few weeks ago and met with some of the people we will be working with for this event.  The stories of abuse were absolutely incredible!!!!  It was like I thought I had heard it all...but then I heard more....so please pray for this event, that the words that He gives us can touch them and heal their hearts and hurts.  

We are also planning another medical outreach in a poor area. Planning meetings are happening in the next weeks for this event.  I am also trying to schedule our return trip to the gang prison.  This is taking a bit of coordination with the prison people,  the schedule of 10 doctors, and all the necessary paperwork.  But it WILL happen!!!!  HE has opened the door and we will walk though it!!  

It is only the 10th of February, yet I feel like we have received so many more blessings than we deserve.  HE is amazing and once again, I find myself just trying to keep up with Him and all HE is doing!!!  LOVE that!!!  Thank you for your continued prayers and support.  They are both priceless as are YOU!!!!  


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