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Happy New Year and join us in celebrating a wonderful 2018.  I keep asking myself can it get any better and I believe the answer is YES!!! 

The new Hope Center is NOW running beautifully with over 100 children in the classes.  And more will be added in January.  We have had several community events as well and the hearts of many are being touched in that area.  We would still like to put a roof over our outdoor event area so please pray for those resources to come in for us in 2019.  The children love the new space and we love having more children there!!!  

We are now in the middle of constructing a new clinic at the Hope Center location.  WOW!!!  This is going to be amazing!!!  There is not another clinic in that area and with our doctors, dentist and counseling staff able to reach people in an eternal way, more lives will be changed!!!!   Life Church at Easton in Ohio has been instrumental in helping us with this consruction.  I would love to have the clinic open by the end of March, depending on the permits.  So please pray!!!    One thing we are including in the clinic is a laboratory, which is greatly needed in that area.  Pleas pray for the resources to furnish the laboratory and for all the needed permits to be completed.  Everything is about reaching more!!!! 

The construction of the laboratory in the San Jose Villnueva clinic is complete!!!  Praise the Lord!!!  We are finalizing all of our equiplment and chemical purchases and hope to have all the permits ready to go by the end of January.  This will be a HUGE addition to the clinic and will allow us to reach even more!!!  Thank you to everyone

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Happy Summer to Everyone. And we can go ahead and say Happy 4th of July.  flag.png   May God bless the United States of America!!!  

I cannot believe we are already in July of 2018.  This year is flying by and we continue to try and keep up with what all God is doing here.  If you have not heard the news from the Big Tease that I talked about a few months ago, let me fill you in on what HE has done!!! 

We needed more space in our Hope Center.  We have had children on the waiting list for years but could not take them because of lack of space.  And we did not own that buidling so we could not make any serious modifications such as adding a second level.  So we were stuck.  But God!!!  He touched the heart of Hand of Hope who has now purchased an empty warehouse for us and we are currently modifying that building to be able to add more children to our current program.  The Lord is so good!!!  The new location is literally just around the courner from the old one and could not be any more perfect!  But not only will the children's area be improved, the clinic will also be improved.  (more details on that in a later update)   So God gave us a double blessing!!!  

We still have a couple of months before we will be in the new space.  But follow us on FB for weekly updates and celebrate with us every step of the way!!  We have several phases of projects there so pray and follow us as we go on this journey of reaching even more children and their parents in this very hurting area.  

We are also making prgress

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Happy Easter to Everyone as we celebrate the Greatest gift ever given!!!  

I am grateful for this gift and want to share it with everyone.  And that is just what we are doing in El Salvador.  Last week I was in the Hope Center and one of our counselors shared with me how a young lady came in, hurting and confused about her life, but left full of peace and hope!!!  The counselor shared with her my story and the young lady could identify with it and now Jesus is turning her life around!!!  THAT is why we have clinics, feeding programs, hope centers and medical outreaches.....to share HIM with THEM!!!  When an eternal connection is made, we celebrate!!!

If God does nothing else the rest of the year for us, we are abundantly blessed.  I have been teasing you along for about a month or so and will continue to tell you to just HOLD ON and wait for it!!!  It is going to be worth the wait and we are going to be able to reach so many more!!!  Everything should be revealed within the next month.  So just continue to pray with me!!!!   I felt about 9 months ago that God told me to position ourselves and prepare ourselves and we have been doing that and HE has been faithful.   There has been a shift in our association that only God can make happen.  After this past nine months, we are ready to give birth!!!! 

Please continue to pray!!!!!!  Your prayers and support are indeed making a difference.  Thank you!!!  We are going to become much more active on our Abigial Association page on Facebook,  So if you are not following that, please do.  I will also continue to post on my page, but

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God has been SO good to us this year. I can't wait to see what HE does in 2018. Here are some end of the year numbers for Abigail Association:
More than 6,000 medical patients treated
More than 1,000 dental patients treated
More than 17,000 prescriptions filled
More than 75,000 hot meals served
More than 750 eternal decisions were made.
There are many smaller numbers that I could never list in just the way He allows us to touch lives every single day. THANK YOU ALL for being with us as we reach others for HIM. Happy New Year from abigailassociation.org


Good news!!!  The PayPal situation has been resolved!!!  If you would like to make a donation, feel free to do so.  Thank you to all of those who chose different ways to continue your support and to those who were waiting for the situation to be fixed.  

Thank you ALL for your continued support.  We are reaching lives every single day and we will continue to do so.  2018 is going to be another exciting year and you WILL want to be a part of it.  Blessings to each and every one of you and thank you for your prayers and support!!!


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