Today marked the culmination of many months of meetings and prayer to bring a blessing to a new place for Abigail Association.  Let me take a few minutes to explain just how GOD works!!!  

A few years ago, a representative from Speroway in Canada was flying from Nicaragua back to Canada, with the hope of putting a clinic in Nicaragua. His plane happen to have trouble and they had to make an emergency landing in El Salvador.  Because they could not fly out that night, the passengers were placed in a hotel and were to fly out the next morning.  (Can't you already see God working?!?!?!?)  

While in the hotel, the person from Speroway happened to meet someone from Operation Blessing.  They began to talk about their work and plans and it was mentioned that perhaps Speroway could build a clinic in El Salvador.  That night, a mayor was called from San Jose Villanueva (SJV) and the plans were laid out to build a beautiful new clinic.  BUT no plans were made to make the clinic function and no funds were alicated for that purpose.  But the clinic was build and equiped.  

Side step for a minute...several years ago while I was traveling through SJV, I saw the poverty and great need that was there.  And God placed in my heart to do something in that area.  But I never had an open door.  Nothing happened.  BUT then, Hand of Hope wanted to come in October of 2016.  I saw an open door and knew we were to do a portion of that medical outreach in SJV.  I went to a local church there to see if we could use their facilities.  Nothing ever came of our meetings.  Phone calls were not returned, messages not answered, etc.  Now if I know my God, that means HE is up to something!!!!  He has another plan.  So I asked a friend to connect me with the mayor of SJV, for me to ask him if he had a large building that we could use for the outreach.  

When speaking with the mayor, he said that he had a building that we could use and he took me to see the building.  I was in shock to find a beautifully built clinic, furnished with doctors tables, a special room for pharmacy, and a fully equipped dentist office.  I asked him why he was not using the clinic and he said that he had no funds to run it but that we could use it for the outreach.  

It was an amazing three days that Hand of Hope had in that clinic.  Not only were bodies treated and healed, eternal decisions were made a the rate of 7 per hour!!!!  I had never seen anything like it!!!!  And I told the Mayor at the end of the outreach that we were going to open that clinic.  I did not know how nor when, but I knew in my heart

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I want to take this opportunity to say Merry Christmas and Happy New year to Everyone.  2016 has been an absolutely amazing year where God has opened incredible doors for us to reach even more.

Here area few of the highlights from this past year:

~10 Teams from all over the world were bringing blessings to the people of El Salvador

~51,750 hot meals were served in our children's feeding programs 

~1000 hot meals were served to our seniors in Cabañas

~During the Christmas holiday, more than 400 gifts bags were give to children, 500 apples given, more than 500 children were blessed in other ways.

~900 patients were seen in our medical outreaches and 89 eternal decisions were made during those outreaches

~Our medical clinic was moved to a new location to reach even more.  

~A new Bible study was started to reach more. 

~I was blessed by TRWC Life Groups in St. Louis, MO and C3 church in Frisco, TX with a new pick-up truck to carry all of the blessings. 

~We were able to bless people all over El Salvador with medicines, coffins, tires for pastors, hundreds of food baskets, wheelchairs, walkers, canes, etc.  You name it and we have probably used it to bless someone!!!  And this list here in only a partial one!!!  

There are so many ways we were blessed this year to bless others.  I could spend hours sharing stories and telling of what all HE has done this year and how HE has allowed us to be a part.   YOU have touched so many lives this year.  YOU have fed literally thousands, given thousands of medicines, given thousands of hugs, given HOPE to so many, given HIM to so many.  I am always amazed at how much Hope a

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Almost two years ago, God placed in my heart another program for Abigail Association to use to reach more people.  But I never knew the when nor the where.  Until just a few weeks ago and...BAM!!!!!  He said Here and Now.  So we are developing a program called Abigail Life Blessings.

We will run this program out of the Hope Center.  The Center is located in a very depressed area where about 90% of the people do not attend church of any kind.  The idea is build relationships with the people there with the ultimate goal of bringing them to an eternal decision.  We started this week by placing someone there from our Crisis Center who also works in the area of counseling with us.  She has started to get to know the chidren and will build relationships with them first.  Then as the parents come to drop off or pick up their children, she can get to know the moms and build relationships with them.  

We want to build trust because the plan is to then offer them counseling.  In such a depressed environment, they just want someone that they can trust to listen to them.  So we are going to offer counseling either to individuals or to families.  And we will also be able to bless them with a basic food basket.  We CANNOT give the food without giving the Gospel.  But as with many of our other successful programs, we know that if we can meet a physical or emotional need first, people are open for God to meet their spiritual need.  

I am very excited about this program and I know we are going to see a great amount of fruit from this.  We have a bit of restructuring to do in the Hope

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We all know that when God closes a door, He opens a window.  And He is doing just that with Abigail.  For the last 7 years, we have been blessed to use the building of our Crisis Center/Clinic without any charge.  I bless the people who have allowed us to use this facility all these years.  But they now need their building for another purpose.  And the Lord is moving us to another location.  

I was not thrown into shock when I received the news.  My spirit immediately leapt with anticipation of what God was going to do!  I thought of our doctor and wanting to keep him in employment.   So I started praying.  I felt led to talk talk with the president of the Hope Center and see if perhaps we could use a small room just for the doctor until we decide where to relocate the Clinic.  When I met with her, I explained the situation and asked if she felt a room in the Hope Center could be used temporarily.  She began to explain to me that she started praying a year ago, asking God to put a clinic in the Hope Center.  I was FLOORED!!!!!  I literally began to cry and we prayed, thanking the Lord for opening doors for Both of us!!!!  He had given both of us the desires of our hearts.  

I immediately began the construction that would be necessary to have offices for our doctor, dentist, counselor, and a warehouse for medicines.  All of this construction required building walls, running new electricity, closing doors, and opening new doors.  And all happened within three weeks!  Talk about moving and shaking!!!!!  All of the construction is finished and I will be moving everything this week.  We will begin to see patients

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I was blessed this week to take a wheelchair to a lady in Cabañas.  Many of you saw the photos on Facebook.  But there is more to the story.....

Several months ago, the pastor that we work with in Cabañas asked if we could donate a wheelchair for a lady who had a brain tumor.  He had heard of a lady who is 42 years old and they cannot operate on the tumor.  A doctor came from the States and said it was not possible.  So I began the search for a wheelchair.  

But during the search, one day I was at Exodo and one of our graduates came for a visit.  I asked her where she was living and working.  She told me where she lived and that she was taking care of a lady who was ill.  

Last week, I was able to take the wheelchair with me to Cabañas and after our reunion with the elderly, we went to deliver the chair.  We drove down the dirt road till we came to the end and there was the house.  The pastor and I lowered the chair from my truck and I told him that he better go first since they did not know me.  

All of the sudden, I hear someone screaming my name....JANIS!!!!!  I look around and there is Reina, our girl from Exodo.  I screamed her name and ran to hug her.  The people that were with me were trying to figure out what was going on and I explained to them that I knew her.  She led us in and were able to pray with the lady.  She was not able to speak but could listen.  She cried tears when we told her the chair was for her, free of charge.

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You can't just put "Jesus" in a sentence and call it the Gospel....

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It is amazing what can be accomplished when we put GOD in the middle of our plans.

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