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God has been SO good to us this year. I can't wait to see what HE does in 2018. Here are some end of the year numbers for Abigail Association:
More than 6,000 medical patients treated
More than 1,000 dental patients treated
More than 17,000 prescriptions filled
More than 75,000 hot meals served
More than 750 eternal decisions were made.
There are many smaller numbers that I could never list in just the way He allows us to touch lives every single day. THANK YOU ALL for being with us as we reach others for HIM. Happy New Year from abigailassociation.org


Good news!!!  The PayPal situation has been resolved!!!  If you would like to make a donation, feel free to do so.  Thank you to all of those who chose different ways to continue your support and to those who were waiting for the situation to be fixed.  

Thank you ALL for your continued support.  We are reaching lives every single day and we will continue to do so.  2018 is going to be another exciting year and you WILL want to be a part of it.  Blessings to each and every one of you and thank you for your prayers and support!!!


We are having a glitch with our PayPal site.  If you want to donate, please email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or message me on Facebook and I can help you.  We aoplogize for this inconvenience and hopefuly everything willbe running smooth again soon.  


Merry Christmas from El Salvador.  

This December has been one of our busiest ever...and we're not finished yet!!!  We stated the month by hosting the Hand of Hope medical team.  We challenged the team by taking them for three days to Cabañas.  They were such a blessing to so many in need there.  Almost all of our Senior Citizen group made it to the clinic one of those days and we were able to  treat many others with medicines, dental needs, and even vitamins for everyone.  And the Team survived the day without water, as the government did not give water that day, and the cold showers on the days with water.  But most importantly, lives were touched with the love of Jesus and many eternal decisions were made!!! 

The other two days, the Team was in San Salvador and we overall almost 1700 people received medical or dental care in this week.  And more than 200 eternal decisions were made!!!  

We also this month have been taking the love of Jesus in the form of Santa Claus to all of our children's feeding programs.  It is always such a wonderful blessing to see the kids faces when Santa arrives.  And of course, Santa explains that all gifts come from the Lord, including the best gift of all, Jesus.  We give them apples, juices, candies, and cookies.  So far this year, we have given out almost 400 Christmas gift bags...and we are not done!!! 

We will celebrate Christmas this weekend with the kids and their families of the Hope Center.  We will celebrate with more than 150 children and also celebrating 7 years of having the Hope Center.  God has been so good!!

Both of the clinics continue to help people in so many ways and we have

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I always think that I my mind has already been blown in so many ways by the Lord that it can't happen again.  Well, it is happening again!!!  

We have had the new San Jose Villanueva clinic open for about 7 weeks now, seeing patients only three days a week.  And the first few weeks, we only had one doctor.  So here are our totals for these 7 weeks:

-520 general patients

-129 dental patients

-1570 prescriptions filled

-44 counseling sessions

-10 eternal decisions made

Now if those numbers do not make you shout, we need to pray life into your lungs!!!  God is truly doing more than I could have ever asked for or imagined!!!!  And we have had to close the doors early a few days because the number of people coming in were more than our doctors could treat in one day.  Just one day last week, there were 25 people in line at 6:00 in the morning and we do not open until 8:00.  I knew there was a need in this area but I never imagined it was this great!!!  But GOD knew and He worked out a plan to reach these hurting people!!!!   Now I am seeing how we can reach even more!!!!!   I never want to turn anyone away!!!  If they receive their medicine, there is also a chance for them to receive the Gospel!!!  This is the means God has given us to reach even more and we are going to do it with His help!! 

Many other good things are happening her in El Salvador.  God is bringing on more hands to work with Abigail Association.  I will be sharing more about that in the coming months.  But I love when HE touches hearts and lives literally move!!!

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