El Salvador Day Three-14

Medical Clinics provide an opportunity for us to address physical needs while also ministering to the individuals we serve. It is one of our greatest outreach programs. People receive spiritual and biblical counseling.  With the help of its partners, Abigail Association operates two clinics nearly full time in the San Salvador region.  At both clinics, doctors act as a doctor, nurse and pharmacist.

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The San Jose Villanueva Clinic (SJV)
has recently been updated with new computers and software as well as an ultrasound machine and *laboratory, making patient care even better than ever before.  With these new additions, patients are able to get a variety of services, all in one location during the clinic's operating hours which are MWF.  Please keep us in prayer for a technician trained to operate the ultrasound machine.

*Lab work includes basic blood panels, cholesterol, triglycerides, any additional blood work needed.  There are no other places to get lab work in the area. This has been a great blessing, helping the doctors to be more efficient in their care, to move more quickly and allows more people to hear the gospel.

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The Soya Clinic is located on the same property of The Hope Center, which opened in September 2018.  The clinic is complete with (2) medical exam rooms, (1) dental room, a counseling office, lab and food distribution area.  The Soya Clinic is open Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays to serve medical needs, Tuesdays for counseling and Thursday for gynecological appointments.