Victor Moran | Counselor

Mental health has continued to be a growing topic around the globe.  Depression, anxiety and other issues have been in the forefront for some time now.  According to Victor Moran, who serves as a counselor for Abigail Association, some of his patients are referred by friends who have recieved comfort through counseling and prayer.  However, many of his patients are referred to him following a medical examination from one of the clinic doctors.  They may be experiencing physically from something that is burdening them.

"Doctors will refer patients after an exam saying that they feel an oppression in their chest."

Victor loves what he does.  After meeting Janis and Juanita through a friend in 2012, he began volunteering.  He and his wife, along with their two children, love to help people through their ministry work.

"That's why I'm here - for the people and my love for the Lord!"

He believes that Abigail Association shows the love of Christ through their service at the clinics.  Through medical, dental, spiritual and emotional support, the organization meets needs that have been left unattended to for many years.

Victor began working at the Soya Clinic and now holds hours at both clinics in order to serve more people in the community.  Some clients see him regularly and others just spend time with him while visiting the clinic for other reasons.

The first thing he asks them is, "Are you saved?" He goes straight to the point in order to be able to offer Biblical counseling.  If they know the Lord, their life can be changed for good, regardless of their circumstances.

Ladies come in suffering from depression and anxiety even before the pandemic," he explained. "Many have family issues and are abused verbally and physically."

He explained that it is very common in rural areas where the women are afraid to tell the authorities because they have nowhere to go.  When the male in the household is the main provider, they often feel trapped and wonder who will feed their family if he is sent to jail. So, they suffer in silence.  Before the clinic was there and offering counseling, them women had nowhere to go to talk about their struggles.

"This place is a light in the dessert," he said, "a place where they can open their heart."

Abigail Association offers a Christian ministry/clinic that provides help based on biblical principals.  The team works together to treat the whole patient, giving care that they haven't had because it either isn't available or is unaffordable.  At both the Soya and SJV Clinics, patients pay $2 for their visit which includes any lab work or prescriptions.