Dr. Romeo began working for Abigail Association in 2013 after meeting Janis at a medical outreach in San Salvador.  In addition to his work with Abigail Association, Dr. Romeo also serves as a pastor in Soyapango to a church of close to 600 people.

They've recently started a feeding program for 50 children of limited resources and their families, showing them the love of God through the food that is provided and the Word of God that is preached to them as part of this work, Dr. Romeo explained.  He and his wife, Karla, make beautiful music together, working on their second album while also leading worship at their church in Soya.

Dr. Romeo's most recent outreach with Abigail Association is to gang members in a very dangerous area.  He and his team are making amazing progress with the men and their families, showing them God's love and grace.

Dr. Romeo hopes to continue evangelizing to many more people, introducing them to Christ and serving with Janis, Abigail Association and the hundreds of brothers and friends who collaborate in El Salvador, America and throughout the world.

"As a physician and as a pastor, I had never had the privilege of knowing and working with an organization so dedicated to the proclamation of God's Kingdom and the preaching of the good news of salvation as Abigail Association does.  I am immensely grateful to God for having placed in my path this organization and its founder, Janis Watkins, and for allowing me to serve with them for all these years, changing the suffering for hope, and transforming the hearts of thousands of Salvadoreans through the Word of God that comes alive in the actions and work of love that we realized every day in our country." ~Dr. Romeo