Victor Moran | Counselor

Victor Moran | Counselor

Mental health has continued to be a growing topic around the globe.  Depression, anxiety and other issues have been in the forefront for some time now.  According to Victor Moran, who serves as a counselor for Abigail Association, some of his patients are referred by friends who have recieved comfort through counseling and prayer.  However, many of his patients are referred to him following a medical examination from one of the clinic doctors.  They may be experiencing physically from something that is burdening them.

"Doctors will refer patients after an exam saying that they feel an oppression in their chest."

Victor loves what he does.  After meeting Janis and Juanita through a friend in 2012, he began volunteering.  He and his wife, along with their two children, love to help people through their ministry work.

"That's why I'm here - for the people and my love for the Lord!"

He believes that Abigail Association shows the love of Christ through their service at the clinics.  Through medical, dental, spiritual and emotional support, the organization meets needs that have been left unattended to for many years.

Victor began working at the Soya Clinic and now holds hours at both clinics in order to serve more people in the community.  Some clients see him regularly and others just spend time with him while visiting the clinic for other reasons.

The first thing he asks them is, "Are you saved?" He goes straight to the point in order to be able to offer Biblical counseling.  If they know the Lord, their life can be changed for good, regardless of their circumstances.

Ladies come in suffering from depression and anxiety even before the pandemic," he explained. "Many have family issues and are abused verbally and physically."

He explained that it is very common in rural areas where the women are afraid to tell the authorities because they have nowhere to go.  When the male in the household is the main provider, they often feel trapped and wonder who will feed their family if he is sent to jail. So, they suffer in silence.  Before the clinic was there and offering counseling, them women had nowhere to go to talk about their struggles.

"This place is a light in the dessert," he said, "a place where they can open their heart."

Abigail Association offers a Christian ministry/clinic that provides help based on biblical principals.  The team works together to treat the whole patient, giving care that they haven't had because it either isn't available or is unaffordable.  At both the Soya and SJV Clinics, patients pay $2 for their visit which includes any lab work or prescriptions.


Dr. Romeo Manzano | General Doctor

Dr. Romeo began working for Abigail Association in 2013 after meeting Janis at a medical outreach in San Salvador.  In addition to his work with Abigail Association, Dr. Romeo also serves as a pastor in Soyapango to a church of close to 600 people.

They've recently started a feeding program for 50 children of limited resources and their families, showing them the love of God through the food that is provided and the Word of God that is preached to them as part of this work, Dr. Romeo explained.  He and his wife, Karla, make beautiful music together, working on their second album while also leading worship at their church in Soya.

Dr. Romeo's most recent outreach with Abigail Association is to gang members in a very dangerous area.  He and his team are making amazing progress with the men and their families, showing them God's love and grace.

Dr. Romeo hopes to continue evangelizing to many more people, introducing them to Christ and serving with Janis, Abigail Association and the hundreds of brothers and friends who collaborate in El Salvador, America and throughout the world.

"As a physician and as a pastor, I had never had the privilege of knowing and working with an organization so dedicated to the proclamation of God's Kingdom and the preaching of the good news of salvation as Abigail Association does.  I am immensely grateful to God for having placed in my path this organization and its founder, Janis Watkins, and for allowing me to serve with them for all these years, changing the suffering for hope, and transforming the hearts of thousands of Salvadoreans through the Word of God that comes alive in the actions and work of love that we realized every day in our country." ~Dr. Romeo

Dr. Miriam Mendez | General Dentist

It was from an early age that Dr. Miriam Mendez had the desire to become a dentist.  Even at a young age, she aspired to be different to give the type of care that she, herself, desired.  She longed to reach the forgotten and save the lost.  Her work with Abigail Association began after volunteering at a medical clinic in 2014 with her friend and church leader, Dr. Romeo Manzano.  When they arrived at the clinic, she did her part with dental cleaning, noticing that there were more than dental needs – there were soul needs.

From that day at the clinic in 2014, when she first met Janis and learned about the mission and vision of Abigail Association, Dr. Mendez knew she wanted to be a part of the beautiful team blessing others.

She recalls an experience when she was eight years old, visiting the dentist who couldn’t help her with a painful tooth. It was then that she told her parents she wanted to study dentistry to be a different dentist.  Years later, she has completed her degree with hard work, diligence and help from both her parents and of course, her Heavenly Father.

Now working as a general dentist at the Soya Clinic, Dr. Mendez is seeing her dreams come to life.  She loves being able to be an instrument of blessing to those in need by building relationships and helping ensure that they have the care they deserve.

Dr. Mendez shared the stories behind her two, favorite scriptures:

In 2005, life brought about many changes as she started her studies.  She found herself anxious about the money it would take to help her dreams come true.  One Sunday she was crying to God in church, telling Him how she was very afraid.

“Pastor began to read the bible and one verse struck my heart,” she explained.  “It was a promise from God.”

It was then that she made a promise to God that Joshua 1:8 would be her verse.

“In 2007 I started working with people with disabilities.  In the Elim Church, God spoke to me through a pastor in Matthew 20:28,” she said.

El Salvador Day Three-67

She wanted to imitate Jesus serving but not where everyone serves.

“I wanted to serve where there is real need,” she explained.

This is when she was introduced to Rainbow of Love, an organization that serves youth and families.  She has served there ever since.

Even though she is there, making a huge difference, if you ask her, Dr. Mendez will tell you that it was Abigail Association that changed her life.  Her dream is to see Abigail Association thrive, expanding into under-served communities, offering both spiritual and material needs to those who may have been abandon or forgotten.  She truly believes that the clinic is a way to attract people who have prejudices towards God and a place that can teach them that the God we serve and follow is a loving Father.


Ada | Administrator

When you meet Ada, you can't help but feel the joy in her infectious smile.  She loves her job, not because of what she does but because of Who she does it for.  Her first experience with Abigail Association was in 2008, when she was a part of the very first food distribution.

Ada had been working for Juanita during that time and soon found herself filling in the gaps that Janis, and her small team, weren't as experienced in.  Her knowledge and expertise landed her a part-time position as Janis' personal assistant as she continued to grow the organization, which was still in its early stages.  It wasn't long before she became Administrator for the San Jose Villanueva Clinic.

Her title may be Administrator but her role is all-encompassing.  From purchasing and distributing medications to taking care of legal paperwork for the clinic, it's hard to pinpoint just one of her many, important responsibilities.  On her own time, Ada takes it to the streets where she evangelizes to the homeless while bringing them clothing, visits those sick in the hospital and prays for anyone she can.

"It is a blessing to have Abigail Association here in a poor country with a lot of needs and a lot of sick people," she said.

She explained that people come to the Abigail Association clinics because they receive high quality treatment and medications.

"The elderly, the single mom with kids, they all feel like they're treated with a great deal of respect," she said, "even people who don't have the means to purchase their medicines."

Ada would love to see Abigail Association visible in all 14 departments of El Salvador, where the hospitals can't go.  Areas such as Cabanas and far away towns are hard for many to reach.

Ada's favorite verse is John 3:16

For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.


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