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When the Lord is doing so much, it is hard to keep up!!! But HE always manages to keep me moving!!! I just about get one thing off and running and He opens another door for me to go through. Love it!!!! Here are highlights:


Crisis Center: We are blessed to continue to expand our services at the Center. Our dentist is so busy and is always booked up at least 3 weeks in advance. But we now are able to offer yet ANOTHER blessing!!! We now have a dentist just for the children. She specializs in pediatric denistry and is now part of our Team. What a blessing!!! So she is seeing patients once a week as well. We also have changed our counseling schedule. Before, it was by appointment only. But we have found more and more "crisis" situations coming through our doors so we now have a counselor 3 days a week, all day long. That has been a huge blessing to the people who are in need of help!!! And lives are being changed for eternity!!! Just last week, in one day, four eternal decisions were made. LOVE what HE is doing through our Center.

HIV+ Kids Connection Breakfast: Our record now stands at 119 being fed in a single morning. That was in about a 3-hour time span! Talk about slinging some eggs!!! What a wonderful opportunity to share HIM with so many in such a short time!!!! We have been blessed with donations of stuffed animals and drawings from the States for the kids. They LOVE getting something from someone they don't know and it is another opportunity for us to explain how the Lord can touch someone's heart in another country to send His love to them.

Cabanas: I LOVE this part of our work. Lives really are being changed there, both physically and spiritually. We are continuing to reach them through blessing them. They are growing in their knowledge of the Bible and of who Jesus is. They are mastering their reading and writing classes. This will help them in so many areas of their lives and they are grateful for the time that has been put into to teaching them. We also have implemented a plan with the Eco Stove. It costs them $20 (and Abigail $25) and they are loving them!!! It means the ladies have to gather less wood to cook. The stove produces little or no smoke so it is healthier for them when they are cooking in their homes. And it is much better for the environment and trees...they get to live longer!!! So far, we have placed 18 stoves and 30 are on their way to Cabanas this week!!!! What a blessings to 30 homes there!!!!

Prison Ministry: Once again, I am blown away by this part of our work. We had the opportunity to go into 2 different prisons where there are children living. I took our peditrician and his assistant and we were able to see over 100 children. I cannot even begin to put into words the conditions these kids are living in in the prisons with their moms. BUT, it gets better...God is amazing!!!! The second prison we went into was a maximum security prison for women of the MS18 gang. Good thing the Lord did not let me know that ahead of time or I might have had time to rethink my going. But we just blindly went!!! And it was amazing!!! Lives were changed for eternity!!! And the cool thing is that the Lord has opened the door for us to take in 10 doctors and treat the ladies who are in prison there. In this particular prison, which was built to house 300, there are 800 ladies living there. So you can imagine the conditions and their health is very compromised. AND because of the gang they belong to and the serious crimes they have committed, very few want to go there. But Abigail does!!!!! So I am now in the process of organizing this medical campaign. A big Thank You to Joyce Meyer Ministries for sending us books in Spanish to give to the ladies there. It will probably be a few months before we are able to go in, just because of the amount of paperwork that has to happen to take in 10 people. So please keep this in your prayers and that the door stays open.

Other blessings: We are so happy to also let you know that Hand of Hope will be here in El Salvador the end of Oct. I had petitioned them for 2 years to bring their medical team here and it is finally happening!!!!! They will have a team of about 30 doctors and nurses and will be seeing around 800 patients every day for a week in some very poor areas. Abigail Association is doing whatever we can to assist them with their outreach. I know it is going to be a wonderful blessing to thousands in this country, not only physically, but spiritually as well.

THANK YOU for always being a part of what HE is doing here. I can do nothing without HIM nor YOU! Your prayers and support truly are priceless. As you have read, you ARE making a difference in the lives of people every single day here in El Salvador!!! Keep us in your prayers as we keep you in ours. Team work = Kingdom work!!! Blessings!!!!


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