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Happy June to Everyone!

How time is flying this year. Association Abigail has been busier than ever before this year!!! I want to share with you just a few of the highlights from our Crisis Center, the HIV+ breakfast, and the area of Cabanas.

The Crisis Center continues to be a place of support for many women. The doctor is busy every week with patients and even ocassionally seeing men!!! We schedule them at the end of the day when all the ladies have left so there is no risk of contact. But what a blessing for us to even be reaching the men of the community!!!


Another blessing from the Center is that we are adding a third Bible study every week!!! It will not be held at the Crisis Center, but in an area near-by. It is another area where much help is needed and the people there heard about the studies we provide every week and asked if we could give a study in their area. The answer was a very quick and excited YES!!! So we are expanding outside the wall of the Center even more!!!

We are still waiting for the dentist to have his new chair out of Customs here in El Salvador so we can have his old one. But we already have a dentist who is ready to volunteer twice a month with free exams........what a blessing.

The breakfast for the HIV+ kids is always a blessing! We have set a new record for the number fed.....71 in one Monday morning. But He was faithful. Everyone was fed, but there was not a bean left in the pot!!! The children and mothers are so thankful to have this free meal, as for many, it is their only meal of the day. I love Mondays so much and am always blessed beyond measure to be able to be His hand extended to this group of people. And with us also being able to provide a meal on Wednesday just doubles my blessing. The pain we see in the eyes of the ones who are hurting is tremendous. If giving them a little food will help relieve that pain, even for a moment, it is worth any cost.

In the rural area of Cabanas, in a town called Cuidad Victoria (Victory City) we have started a little Abigail there with the hope of expanding it into a small Crisis Center in the future. Right now, we have started a very tiny store and are building relationships in the area. Once or two times a month, we take donations of clothing and toys and then they are sold for a very low price such as 25ยข That money is then put into use in the area of Cabanas for teaching materials or so forth for the ladies. We are equipping one of the ladies there with teacing materials to be able to minister to the women in Cabanas who are hurting. Most of the ladies there cannot read or write, so all the teachings have to be verbal.

But I recently was made aware of another very small, remote village called Santa Marta, also located in the area of Cabanas. (Cabanas would be like the name of a county in the States) Santa Marta has an interesting but sad history. After the civil war here in the 80's, many of the poor people were given land and tools to work the land, such as a machete and a shovel. Not much, really, but something. But there were those who had been injured or disabled during the war and these men could not work. So they were placed in this little village called Santa Marta. And they have been living there, raising their families and trying to make a living any way they can. Basically, the government left them there to survive on their own. They have no running water and very few have electric. The road getting there is very bad. One almost needs a 4 x 4 to get there!!! But they are asking for help. People seldom go there to help these people one, because of the location, and two, because people are often afraid to reach out to handicapped individuals. They are asking for both physical and spiritual help. So we are committing to help in any way possible, even building a church if possible! My dream is to be able to take medical teams there to give exams to the men women and children. The children are receiving little if any education and the women work long hard hours and earn very little. So there is work to do!!!

With all these things and more, I have been busier than ever before and loving every minute of it. But please realize, YOU are here with me, feeding those children, helping the women at the Center, and reaching out to the very poor in Cabanas. Every prayer you pray and every dime you donate is making a difference in the life of some individual. Many people here cannot comprehend that someone from another country wants to help give them medicine or give their child food and clothing. But they are so grateful and so am I for your help. May God bless you and may He continue to touch your heart to be a part of what He is doing here.


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