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Abigail is GROWING again and taking over MORE territory!!!  Awesome and wonderful things are happening here in El Salvador.  God is opening doors that only HE could have opened and He it touching lives all over the country.  

Fountain of New Life church continues to grow and amaze me!!!  Our largest attendance so far has been 137.  Awesome!!!  We had our first baptism last month and have another one scheduled for this month.  We are seeing families restored, physical healings, doors opening to preach the Gospel.  Just amazing!!!  And today, we are starting a second service. So we will now have services on Tuesday night and Thursday night.  We really cannot have weekend srevices until we are able to purchase a bus.  I have not seen such hunger for the things of God in years!  Our church members are literally going out into the streets and bringing them in!!!  We have had street outreaches, teams going door to door, even going into other business in the area and receiving persmission to preach the Word during lunch time...only God can do those things!!!

Another area of our ministry where the Lord is really moving is in our Kids Connection breakfast.  We have really been asking the Lord to touch their little bodies...and HE is answering our prayers!!!  Every week, we have reports of cancer a few months ago, and now NO cancer!!!!  Tumors, completely removed..bodies totally cleansed of all cancer cells.  It is amazing to hear what HE is doing.  And the parents are so grateful to Him and tell their stories with tears rolling down their cheeks.  It encourages us to keep praying and it encourages the other parents to also pray for their kids.  My dream is that in a year, we no longer have the breakfast because all of the kids have been healed!!!!  

Our new Hope Center will be opening this month.  We are having a dedication on Sunday 16 June and plan to open the following week.  The idea with this Center is to get kids off the street in gang neighborhoods.  We truly want to give them Hope.  We are also planning classes for the parents, if they will come.  I am praying they will!!!  So HE has placed us to influence whole communities with the Gospel.  

These are just a few of the highlights of what He is doing through Abigail Association.  Our other areas are still functioning well and serving Him...our Crisis Center, ministry in CabaƱas, Exodo orphanage...all continue to touch lives.   We also have a team ready for another BIG medical outreach the end of July.  More details on that in the coming month.  But HE is always opening doors for us to reach hurting people.  THANK YOU for partnering with us!!!!  YOU are truly making a difference in so many lives here.  I pray He blesses you beyond your wildest dreams and that you never lack in any area of your life!!!  Keep following us on FB or here to see what He is up to next....I am sure you will be as amazed as I am!!!

Blessings,  Janis


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