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As we continue to work in all the areas the Lord has given us, He continues to open other doors for us to reach others.  We seem to get one thing up and running and blessing people and then He adds another.  And I love it!!!!  Never a dull moment in the Kingdom.  

He has given us yet another opportunity to touch lives in Cabanas.  Cabanas is a department in El Salvador and there are many little cities and villages within this department.  I have been to many of the little villages and can only enter and leave in a 4 x 4.  The people there are extremely poor and several of the villages do not even have a water well.  The children go to school half a day and the government provides them with uniforms but nothing else.  They usually only have one meal a day and it is not much, believe me!  So we are working in 2 villages to provide free lunches to the children.  We are feeding 150 children in one village and 50 in another.  We are working with the mothers in the community to teach them how to cook, grow a garden, etc.  If they help us cook, they can also eat.  If they give us a plot of their land to grow vegetables, and they work the garden, they then receive a portion of the vegetables and the rest go to the children's lunches.  This Cabanas Kids feeding program also allows us to keep track of the children as they have to check in to receive the food.  If they are not there for a few days, we can then send someone to check on them and their parents.  We have a wonderful group of volunteers helping us coordinate this program and we are showing them His love in action!!!!  The children are learning to thank the Lord for their food and recognize that it truly comes from Him.   And right now, we have very primitive eating areas.  But in the fall. we plan to build better eating areas with concrete floors.  Right now, we are working in the mud and have poles and tin for a roof.  But it works and I am thankful for it!!!!

We had our dedication at the new Hope Center and had 50 children in attendance along with their parents.  It was an opportunity to show them our facility and express our desire to work in the community.  We were still in need of a water system at that time and so were not able to open our doors fully.  But we are almost finished with the water system and will be up and running full steam in just a few more weeks.  I am excited to see what He is going to do in this community as we rescue children from the gangs or prevent them from ever entering them.  

Fountain of New Life continues to reach people.  We baptized 12 more a few weeks ago and also celebrated 3 weddings.  One couple had been living together for 25 years, came to church, made eternal decisions and decided to make things right.  It was truly a wonderful day of celebrating what He is doing in lives.  We will soon be expanding our worship area, putting a roof over the area where we meet, and buying more chairs.  God is good!!!!  We still need to purchase a bus, but when it is His time and He puts in what we need to get it.  

We continue to hear wonderful testimonies from our Kids Connection breakfast.  God is touching and healing every week.  One little girl who was diagnosed with HIV at an early age, now no longer has any trace of the virus in her system.  The doctors say this can only be a miracle and we agree!!!  Nothing is imposible with Him.  And I think in the very near future, we will be able to add another breakfast to our week, which means we will be offering a free hot breakfast Monday through Thursday.  

We continue to have the Crisis Center, work with Exodo, organize medical outreaches, ministering to the elderly...and anything else He allows us to do.  When I say to people that I can't keep up, I really mean it!!!  Sometimes HE has me spinning with all He is doing.  Every resource comes from Him.  Thank you for partnering with us in prayer and resources.  I know there is no way on earth we could be reaching all of these groups without you.  We are going and thank you for sending!!!  I pray that your giving returns to you a hundred fold!!!  I have received testimonies of people being blessed when they have blessed Abigail.  I LOVE those stories!!!!  Thank you for sharing them.   We share HIM wherever we go!!!  Every group that we touch, we touch through Him.  God bless you and please continue to keep us in your prayers.  Pray for wisdom in our decisions, health, protection, and yes....more open doors.  :-) 


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