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Happy New Year to Everyone!!!  I hope and pray that you are already blessed in 2014. I really enjoy this time of year as I am able to take a few minutes to reflect on the year that has passed.  It is a time for me to give thanks for what all the Lord has done in my life and in Abigail Association.  And it is also a time for me to look forward to what He has for this new year.  

In 2013, we added three new porgrams to our outreach.  We added the Hope Center where we have 60 children receiving classes in art, music, Bible, and even English.  Imagine my joy when we had our Christmas event and they sruprised me by singing a few songs in English.  I was in tears.  These children in a gang neighborhood and would have never had the chance to learn English and the other things they are learning.  Our plan for 2014 is to expand the number of children we are able to have there to 150 every day.  They are indeed receiving Hope in their dark world.  

We also were able to have feeding programs in 3 villages in the area of Cabanas.  Every Monday through Friday, almost 250 children are being fed, both physically and spiritually.  And the parents are involved as well and are receiving the Word as well as other classes.  These are extremely poor villages and so any help at all is appreciated.  We are working to expand our outreach there and I believe in 2014, that will happen.  There are other villages that we hope to reach with food and the Word.  

In 2013, we were also able to establish a church Fountain of New Life, in front of Abigail Association's offices.  What a blessing that had been to so many people.  We have had families restored, marriages performed, baptisms, changed lives...everything!!!  This has been a learning process as well and I expect even greater things from the Lord in this church in 2014.

I am currently working on sending out end of the year tax letters.  Some will go electronically and others via snail mail.  Either way, I want to take this opportunity to express my thanks to YOU for helping us touch so many lives here in El Salvador.  I almost cannot grasp all that HE has done in the short 5 years we have been here.  I am glad He is leading and I ask that you please continue to pray for us as we follow Him.  As He opens doors, we will go through them to reach others for the Kingdom.  And please know that YOU are reaching them as well.  Everything is a team effort!!!!  So May God Bless you abundantly, in every way, in 2014.  Everything we have is from Him, for Him, and about Him.  


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