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Hello Everyone, from El Salvador.  This has been an awesome year so far and I only anticipate even bigger and better things to come.  HE is on the move and we are just trying to keep up!!!

One of our goals this year is one third complete.  I want to add three villages to our feeding programs in Cabañas and we are in the process of adding one.  Praise the Lord. We are currently feeding approximately 240 children every day in three villages and with this new location, we will add another 50-75 children, every day.  But not only will we be feeding them physically, they also receive spiritual food and I KNOW they are taking that home to their parents.  It is amazing to look back over the last 5 years that we have been working in Cabañas and see the changes that have occurred.  HE has done some amazing things in many lives there but there are so many more to reach.  So as He allows us to expand our programs, I know HE will reach them!!!

Also, our Crisis Center is helping to touch many families right now.  We are located in an area where many people are out of work and have been for about 6 weeks.  Now for those living in the States, that may not seem like a long time.  But when your wage is $6 a DAY and there is no unemployment and you don't have any savings, nor food frozen in your freezer or stored in your pantry...because you don't have neither a freezer nor a pantry...because you have no electricity....so you can see.  If you are without work for even a short time, it is a serious situation.  We have been blessed to be able to provide almost 100 food baskets to families in need.  We have supplied just basic food items such as eggs, sugar, milk..but we have also been able to pray with them and tell them how much God loves them and that these baskets are from HIM!!!!!   Some of the people have lifted their eggs and bread up to the sky and said "Thank You, Lord!"  They have expressed their gratitude for us thinking of them.  We will continue to bless as many as we can.  So many are single moms and my heart goes out to the children and they are not receiving any lunches at school either.  But we know it is a team effort!!!  So Thank You to everyone who is helping us!!!  Lives are being touched in so many ways.  It is amazing.  One lady received her basket and then came back the next day, asking for prayer.  So I know HE is working on many hearts in this area.  Sometimes it takes a crisis for us to hear Him.  

At our Hope Center, we are updating some of our electrical outlets in order to be able to use a donation of a couple of computers that we received.  We are asking the Lord for another full time (hopefully volunteer) teacher.  This will allow us to increase the number of children we can get off the streets in this gang neighborhood.  If you could agree with us in praying for this specific need, I know HE will hear and send whom we need.  

Fountain of New Life church continues to grow and be a blessing to many.  I am amazed at the number of people in our congregation who are out of work, but continue to pay the bus fare to get to church.  We have had Him move in our services in powerful ways and we are receiving the Word.  We are in the process of forming our Praise and Worship team and band.  I am so excited to see what HE does through this dedicated group of people!!!  Also our Children's Church is growing.  I am buying more cookies and juices than ever for church and LOVE doing it!!!  I took a few days and repainted our floor and we have made a few changes to make the area even more special for us and pleasing to the Lord.  I know He looks at our hearts, but I also know He likes things to be done with excellence and I believe in leading by example in that way.  

On another note regarding the church, if you read some of my past posts, you will remember the problem we had with the former pastor.  After changing our days and times, people felt much more liberty to come and worship.  He continues to preach in the street and now that the rainy season is coming, he is saying that they need a roof and a bus for about 15-20 people. He has even gone so far as to tag some people from the States on Facebook, and put a personal bank account number for people to donate funds for his church.  I am not comfortable with this as he is using old photos from when he was the pastor and I am in the photos.  So I feel like he is using me to try and obtain funds for his church.  He also continues to use the same name as us for his church.  So I am uncomfortable in many ways and we are going to make some changes.  We are praying for a new name and will go as the Lord leads.  I can never tell anyone not to do as the Lord leads them.  But many of you have been SO faithful to help us have a sturdy roof, beautiful lighting, fans, a platform, pulpit, chairs, sound system, etc...all for the glory of God.  I am so thankful that the Lord used YOU to bless us to have such a beautiful facility where we can worship the Lord.  I never imagined it would be so beautiful and everyone who enters can feel the presence of God.    More than anything, I want to ask for your prayers.  Opening a church was not a quick decision.  And I believe all of this warfare is becasue the enemy sees the potential there.  We are in a war zone....literally both physically and spiritually.  Please pray for wisdom in our decisions as a church, and for God's favor to continue to be with us.  

THANK YOU again for partnering with us in prayer and in your finances.  I am so glad that we operate in a Kingdom economy and not a worldly economy.  I know several of you have sent me emails telling me how you have been blessed.  Thank you for sharing those with me.  They make my heart smile.  I so wish I could bring everyone of you here to see the lives your finances are changing and the doors your prayers are opening.  I cannot even begin to post all of the stories that I get to hear and I cannot begin to tell all HE has placed in my heart to do.  If you are like me, fasten your seatbelt and get ready for another great ride!!!  May He continue to richly bless you and use you!!!!    




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