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Greetings and blessings from El Salvador.

Once again, He has amazed me by how He is using YOU to touch the lives of the people in El Salvador.  Your faithfulness in prayer and financial support make all the difference in the lives of so many.  Where do I even begin?!?!?!?

After much prayer, we officially changed the name of our church to Center of Praise and Restoration.  And I can appreviate it to the CPR church, which I LOVE!!!!  And that is exactly what the church has become...a place to worship and be restored.  We have seen Him touch so many lives in our congregation and many are coming for the first time.  And He has used Abigail Association to bless the members of the congregation during a financial crisis in the area.  Every Monday, we have Monday's Blessings where we bless the congregation with a small food basket.  Sometimes it is only a bag of rice and a few vegetables, but the smiles and expressions of gratitude do not have a price. They are so happy to know that someone is thinking about them and helping them during their difficult time.  But they are also sharing their testimonies of how the Lord has provided in very unique ways.  We are going to plan a testimony night and hear all the stories.  

The Hope Center was also recently blessed with a wonderful donation of new computers!!!!  Many thanks to the Kingston organization here in El Sal for their generous donation.  They are making a definite impact on the lives of 60 children.  In the gang area where the Center is located, those children would never have the chance to learn how to use a computer.  And I was concerned about the minimal security that we have at the Center, and if the computers would be safe.  The director assured me that the leaders of the local gangs already knew about the computers, were excited for us to have them, and guaranteed their safety!!  AND a few of them want their children to attend the Center.  We are indeed changing a neighborhood!!!!!  Because not only do the children receive computer, art, etc...they receive the Word of God and are taking it home.  Amazing how He can reach those in need.

Our Feeding Programs in CabaƱas are still reaching out to those in poor villages.  And the Lord continues to make divine connections for blessings to come into this area.  I will share more about that in the next update, but He is amazing.  He is touching hearts to feed His kids.  YOU are blessing us to feed about 250 children every Monday through Friday.  That is no small task and is only possible because God touches your heart to bless them.  

We also recently held our first ever medical/evangelistic event in the beach area.  The Lord blessed us with 4 doctors for the event and with a Team from Parker Ford church in Pottstown, PA.  We were able to treat 185 patients in a day and 42 people made an eternal decision that day.  We were in fertile territory!!!!!  It was hot (I changed my shirt 3 times!) and we worked under the palm trees.  But as we were working, HE was working!!!!!  And YOUR support and prayers allow us to reach those in very poor communities with the medicines and the Word.

We are also blessed to have several teams participating with us.  We have already had a team from PA and are waiting the arrival of teams from TX, MO, and even Australia!!!!!   Incredible how HE works!  We know we can do nothing without HIM and YOU.  And my small words of Thank You seem so inadequate when I see how He uses YOU to bless others.  I will just have to celebrate you when you receive your big reward in heaven.  I will be one of the biggest cheerleaders by your side.  



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