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Happy New Year and join us in celebrating a wonderful 2018.  I keep asking myself can it get any better and I believe the answer is YES!!! 

The new Hope Center is NOW running beautifully with over 100 children in the classes.  And more will be added in January.  We have had several community events as well and the hearts of many are being touched in that area.  We would still like to put a roof over our outdoor event area so please pray for those resources to come in for us in 2019.  The children love the new space and we love having more children there!!!  

We are now in the middle of constructing a new clinic at the Hope Center location.  WOW!!!  This is going to be amazing!!!  There is not another clinic in that area and with our doctors, dentist and counseling staff able to reach people in an eternal way, more lives will be changed!!!!   Life Church at Easton in Ohio has been instrumental in helping us with this consruction.  I would love to have the clinic open by the end of March, depending on the permits.  So please pray!!!    One thing we are including in the clinic is a laboratory, which is greatly needed in that area.  Pleas pray for the resources to furnish the laboratory and for all the needed permits to be completed.  Everything is about reaching more!!!! 

The construction of the laboratory in the San Jose Villnueva clinic is complete!!!  Praise the Lord!!!  We are finalizing all of our equiplment and chemical purchases and hope to have all the permits ready to go by the end of January.  This will be a HUGE addition to the clinic and will allow us to reach even more!!!  Thank you to everyone who has prayed for this to happen!!!

We have had a new area of ministry open to us.  As many of you know our current Hope Center is in a gang area of MS-13 and we have worked there for many years.  We now are working in the area of MS-18.  Now for some of you this may sound scary.  But when GOD opens the door, there is complete peace.  I cannot put a lot of the information on Facebook nor in the blog.  But YOUR prayers are opening the doors for us to minister directly with the leaders!!!!  I have said for years that is you want to stop the drug problem, it is one thing to reach the addict, but you really need to reach the dealer.  The same is true with the gangs.  We will continue to reach the women and children as we have been but the door has opened to work directly with the male leaders.  This is an answer to my personal prayer!!!!  Pray for favor and pray for their hearts to be touched as we look for unique ways to show His love!!!! 

As we approach the new year, as in years past, I make my plans and goals, but then God totally changes them.  There are some things that I think are going to blow our minds in 2019.  I think we are going to reach more numbers that in years past.  We will have an average of a team every month from the states.  We will also be hosting the medical team from Hand of Hope for a weekend medical outreach, something that has never been done before.  We are always on the leading edge of things. 

We will also be hosting our first ever long-term team member.  Amber Enke will be joining us in January and staying through the year.  She will land with her running shoes on and will be a blessing and wonderful addition to our team here in El Salvador.  

El Salvador itself desperately needs your prayers.  We will have a presidental election on Super Bowl Sunday.  So if you can remember to pray, just pray for God's will to be done here.  We just want to reach people with the good news of Jesus.  Anything else is not of our concern.  

Thank you for ALL of YOUR support and prayers in 2018.  It have been an amazing year with so much progress and so many blessings, I can hardly keep up.  But GOD!!!  Please continue to be with us in 2019. I know God will richly bless you for what YOU are doing in El Salvador.   I can guarantee it will only get better!!!  Happy New Year!!!!! 



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