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As we begin 2013, I continue to be amazed at the doors He opens for us to reach people. I am still trying to grasp all He did in 2012 and yet, we are already off and running with Him in 2013. I have always said two things: 1) I can sleep on the plane and 2) I can rest when I die. I think I need to take a few more flights!!! ha ha

We are BLESSED to adding another day at our Kids Connection Breakfast. Beginning in Feb we will be serving a free hot breakfast every Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. I am THRILLED with being able to do this. So we will be serving approximately 300 children and parents every week!!!! These kids are either HIV+ or have cancer and are just precious!!!! And we are excited to be His hand extended to this group of people.


Our Crisis Center continues to reach people and touch lives. Almost every week we have reports of eternal decisions being made or lives being changed through the counseling sessions. It truly is a place where people can come who are in crisis and need help. Many times, they just need someone to listen to them! We try to help in any way possible.

We continue to expand our way of reaching others, particularly the children of El Salvador. In the areas of Soyapongo and Ilopango, two very densely populated but very poor areas, there are an estimated 454,000 children between the ages of 1 and 4 and another 684,000 between the ages of 5 and 9. That is over 1.1 million kids living in horrible conditions with little future or hope. And because of the poverty, these 2 areas also have the highest population of gangs. Studies have shown that the youngest age for a child to enter the MS-13 gang is 4 years of age and the MS-18 is 8 years of age. The average age of entry into a gang is 13. But can you imagine a child of 4 joining a gang???? Why is that??? Many times, he has no one to care for him or no where else to go. So what can we do? I was astounded one day as I was driving in Soyapango and saw all the kids just on the street. Not playing, but just there, like not having anything to do nor nowhere to go. So we began to put together a plan and the Lord began to put together a team of volunteers. LOVE how HE always does that. So Abigial is going to open a Hope Center for children in Soyapango. Our plan is to be able to offer these kids SOMETHING for their future. If we can get them engaged in good Biblical principles and sound teaching before they are recruited by the gangs, we have saved a life here on earth and for eternity.

We have a house where we can offer classes for the children. They only attend school half days here so the other half they are looking for something to do or getting into trouble. We want to offer, in addition to Bible classes, classes of music, art, and other things they do not get in shcool. And the hope is also that we can offer classes to the moms. We want them to see a change in their kids that will motivate them to change as well. And the ultimate hope is to also get the dad invovled. If we can give them family classes...look out!!! We are changing a society!!!!

The house is located right in the middle of a poor area with lots of kids. And of course, the kids are hungry. So we will have to provide them with physical food before we can give them spiritual food. But the house is in need of a kitchen, an eating area, and a bathroom. I have faith that we will be able to construct these things by the end of Feb to the middle of March to be able to begin reaching this neighborhood. For some reason, the Lord has opened the doors for us to be in these communities. Many people here in ES will not even go to these neighborhoods or into the gang prisons like Abigail has done and will continue to do. But when HE opens the door, and we know it is Him, how can we not walk through it? We want to offer these kids HOPE for their future. Many kids will join a gang because they have no other choice to survive, both physically and spiritually. We hope to eventually be able to have 150 kids every day in the Hope Center. That may not happen for a year or so, but He has placed that in our hearts so we will work towards that. HOPE...what greater thing does a person need who has nothing or no one.....and WHO gives the best HOPE? The Lord Himself. SO PLEASE pray for us and we enter in a new area of outreach with our Hope Center.

As we expand, we still have all the other programs in place. Cabanas is still a precious place for us and we love the elderly there. Almost all of them have made their eternal decisions so now we are enjoying our time with them in a different way. We are also teaching them about their future home and they like that subject. Again, it brings them hope for a wonderful eternity.

THANK YOU for continuing to pray for our work here. THANK YOU for continuing to support our work here. WE can do NOTHING without HIM and YOU! Abigail Association is most definitely about teamwork!!!! HE is the team leader and I am just happy to be part of His team. Blessings to all!!!


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